Umayyad Square

Umayyad Square (Arabic: ساحة الأمويين / ALA-LC: sāḥat al-Umawiyīn) is a large and important square in Damascus, Syria. It connects the city center with several important highways and areas and contains various important buildings including but not limited to the Ministry of Defense, Syria's national Opera house and the headquarters of the Syrian Armed Forces.

Umayyad Square

The Damascene Sword monument, widely considered as the symbol of the city, stands in the square, and is considered a symbol and reminder "of the victories, strength and achievements of the Syrian people".[1] The name of the square is a reference to the Umayyads who took Damascus as the capital of their caliphate in the 7th century.

On 20 June 2011 a massive pro-President al-Assad rally was held in the square as well as in Homs, Aleppo, Sweida, Latakia, Deraa, Hasaka, Tartous as well other locations during the Syrian civil war.[2]

Prior to the opening of the new 1.2 million sqm fairground to house the Damascus International Fair, the fair which was held annually since 1954 (before being cancelled in 2012 and reopening in 2017) was held in the square.[3]


The Umayyad square is connected with seven of the city's most important streets and highways:

Buildings on the Umayyad SquareEdit

The Damascene Sword monument in front of the national opera house


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