Ultraverse Future Shock

Ultraverse futureshock01.jpg

Written by Marc Paniccia with artwork by Fabio Laguna, Kevin West and Manny Clark, Ultraverse: Future Shock was a comic book one-shot published in February 1997. It was the swansong of Malibu Comics' Ultraverse, attempting to tie-up any and all loose ends.[1]


Though a choppy story, with flashback narration filling in story gaps, this final story dealt with not one Ultraverse universe, but two; one universe where Black September (referred to as the Infinity Event within the story) took place, and a second universe, which was a Ultraverse little affected by any Marvel Comics influence.

Long on dialogue and short on action, the story delivers a relatively happy ending for both universes.

In a distopic future, a team of ultraheroes travel to an alternate Universe to try to avoid a crisis.[2]


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