Ulrich K. Laemmli

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Ulrich K. Laemmli is a Professor in the biochemistry and molecular biology departments at University of Geneva. He is known for the refinement of SDS-PAGE, a widely used method for separating proteins based on their electrophoretic mobility.[1] His paper describing the method is among the most cited scholarly journal articles of all time.[2][3][4] His current research involves studying the structural organization of nuclei and chromatin within the cell.[5]

Ulrich K. Laemmli
Known forSDS-PAGE
AwardsLouis-Jeantet Prize for Medicine (1996)
Marcel Benoist Prize (1988)
Scientific career

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Although electrophoresis was used to separate proteins before Laemmli's work, he made significant improvements to the method. The term "Laemmli buffer" is often used to describe an SDS-containing buffer that is used to prepare (denature) samples for SDS-PAGE.[1][6]

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