Ulphia (also Ulphe, Olfe, Wulfe, Wolfia, or Wulfia and other variants; d. 8th century AD) of Amiens is a Christian saint, venerated particularly at Amiens. She was said to be a young girl living on the banks of the Noye in the who became a hermit at what would become Saint-Acheul, near Amiens in the Kingdom of the Franks, under the spiritual direction of Saint Domitius (Domice). At the end of her life, she formed and directed a community of religious women at Amiens. Her feast day is January 31.

Saint Ulphia
Sainte ulphe 1.jpg
Statue of Ulphia at Amiens Cathedral.
Born711 AD
DiedJanuary 31, 750 AD
What is now Fouencamps, France.
Venerated inEastern Orthodox Church
Roman Catholic Church
Major shrineAmiens Cathedral
FeastJanuary 31
Attributesdepicted as a young nun seated in prayer on a rock with a frog in the pool near her
PatronageAmphibians, keepers of amphibians

Legend states that Ulphe placed the frogs in the area around her hermitage (which was built in a swampy area) under interdict as a result of their loud croaking, which kept her awake at nights. Thus, in her iconography, she is depicted as a young nun seated in prayer on a rock with a frog in the pool near her.

A 19th century hagiographer noted that the frogs in the area around the oratory of Saint Ulphe were, indeed, very quiet. However, if these frogs were taken elsewhere, they became boisterous once again.[1]

A statue of Ulphia stands in the portal of Amiens Cathedral[2] and a painting of Ulphia with Saint Domitius by the 19th century painter Jean de Franqueville, hangs inside the cathedral.


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