Ulf Sundberg

Ulf Eskil Erik Sundberg (born 29 September 1956) is a Swedish economist, historian and author of books and magazine articles.[1][2]

Sundberg in Stockholm in 2018

Sundberg was born in Stockholm, graduated Studentexamen at Whitlockska in 1976 and became a Master of Philosophy in 2014. He was created Doctor of Philosophy at Åbo Academy in 2018 on a thesis addressing the loss of the Swedish Empire early in the 18th century. Sundberg is especially skeptical in that book about the inadequate circumstances under which his country’s many outlying fortifications were positioned and maintained, as well as about the planning, construction and remodeling of them by Erik Dahlberg under King Carl XI.[3]

Earlier, he has primarily treated the centuries of warfare in which Sweden and neighboring countries were involved. On a broader field, one of his more noted books is also about the families and relatives of Swedish royalty, including mistresses and extramarital offspring.[4]


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