Ukrainian Soviet Republic

The Ukrainian Soviet Republic (Russian: Украинская Советская Республика) was one of the names of the earlier Soviet Ukrainian quasi-state formations (Ukrainian People's Republic of Soviets), a pro-Bolshevik Soviet government that resided in Kharkiv.

Ukrainian Soviet Republic
Украинская Советская Республика
Republic of the Russian SFSR
Flag of Ukraine
 • Coordinates49°59′N 36°13′E / 49.983°N 36.217°E / 49.983; 36.217Coordinates: 49°59′N 36°13′E / 49.983°N 36.217°E / 49.983; 36.217
 • TypeSoviet republic
Historical eraWorld War I
• Established
19 March 1918
• Soviet forces withdrawn
April 1918
• Liquidation
April 1918
Preceded by
Succeeded by
Ukrainian People's Republic of Soviets
Odessa Soviet Republic
Donetsk-Krivoy Rog Soviet Republic
Ukrainian People's Republic
Today part of


The history of Ukrainian Republic as Ukrainian Soviet Republic and its government begins from 24-25 December 1917 when in Kharkiv the First All-Ukrainian Congress of Councils (radas, soviets) was conducted, which declared Ukraine as Ukrainian Republic, Ukrainian People's Republic of Soviets – Ukrainian Soviet Republic. Congress made a decision to get a close alliance with Russian Republic (also Soviet) and elected Central Executive Committee (Ukrainian: ЦВК).

It was reformed on March 19, 1918, at the Second All-Ukrainian Congress of Soviets in Yekaterinoslav, following the signing of the Treaty of Brest-Litovsk by the Russian Soviet Federative Socialist Republic (Russian SFSR) on March 3. Soviet government and people, who supported it were closely allied with Russian Soviet Republic. After the victory of the Soviet government in Ukraine Ukrainian People's Republic was officially rebranded in Ukrainian Soviet Republic and then Ukrainian Socialist Soviet Republic which became one of the co-founders of Soviet Union.

Military forces of Soviet government of Ukrainian Republic of that time are known as Red Cossacks Army, later integral part of Red Army of the Soviet Union.

The Republic united the Ukrainian People's Republic of Soviets, the Donetsk-Krivoy Rog Soviet Republic and the Odessa Soviet Republic as part of the Russian SFSR. It was soon overrun, however, by forces of the Central Powers and the Ukrainian People's Republic.

On April 18, 1918, in Taganrog,[1] the next session of the Central Executive Committee of Soviets announced that the government of Soviet Ukraine, the Central Executive Committee of Ukraine and the People's Secretariat were now combined as the "Ukrainian Bureau" to guide the insurgent struggle against the German occupation.