Uhuru Stadium (formerly known as the Tanzania National Stadium) (Uwanja wa Uhuru in Swahili) is adjacent to the National Stadium in Miburani ward of Temeke District in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.

Uhuru Stadium
Uwanja wa Uhuru (Swahili)
Uhuru Stadium is located in Tanzania
Uhuru Stadium
Uhuru Stadium
Location of Uhuru Stadium
Former namesTanzania National Stadium
AddressTaifa Road
LocationMiburani, Dar es Salaam,Tanzania
Coordinates6°51′20″S 39°16′22″E / 6.855675°S 39.272671°E / -6.855675; 39.272671
Public transitKurasini Station (4 km)
OwnerTanzanian government
SurfaceArtificial turf
Young Africans S.C., Simba S.C., JKT Ruvu Stars, Ruvu Shooting Stars[2]

History edit

Tanganyika's independence ceremony was celebrated at this stadium on 9 December 1961.[3] The independence anniversary has been celebrated at the stadium each year since then.[citation needed] It also has been the venue for the inaugural address of all past presidents.[citation needed]

The funeral service of Julius Nyerere, Tanzania's first president, was held at the stadium on 21 October 1999.[4] Shortly after his death in office, president John Magufuli was laid-in-state at the stadium on 20 March 2021.[5] Forty-five people were killed in a stampede at the stadium on March 21, 2021.[6][7]

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