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Uganda Airlines[a] (IATA: URICAO: UGD) is the flag carrier of Uganda. The company is a revival[12] of the older Uganda Airlines which operated from 1977 until 2001.[13][14] It began flying in August 2019.[15]

Uganda Airlines
Uganda Airlines Logo, 2019.png
IATA ICAO Callsign
Founded30 January 2018 (2018-01-30)
Commenced operations28 August 2019 (2019-08-28)[1][2]
Fleet size4[3][4][5]
Company sloganFly the Crane to the Pearl of Africa
Parent companyGovernment of Uganda
HeadquartersEntebbe, Wakiso District, Uganda
Key peopleGodfrey Perez Ahabwe
Cornwell Muleya
Acting CEO[8]
Michael Etyang
Chief Pilot[9]
Jenifer Bamuturaki
Commercial Manager[10]


The company headquarters are located within Entebbe International Airport, in Wakiso District, approximately 40.5 kilometres (25 mi), by road, south of the central business district of Kampala, the capital and largest city in Uganda.[16]


Following studies and wide consultations, the Cabinet of Uganda, opted to re-launch Uganda Airlines, with six new jets, two of which will be the wide-body, long-range A330-800neo and the other four being CRJ900 aircraft.[17] The studies recommended an equity investment by the government of approximately US$70 million and loans totaling US$330 million, borrowed from regional lenders, such as the Trade and Development Bank, to complete the purchase.[18]

In May 2018, The EastAfrican reported that the Ugandan government, had made a small monetary deposit on each of the six aircraft, while it concludes final financing arrangements. The first batch of CRJ900 aircraft were expected in November 2018, while delivery of the A330-800neo planes was expected in December 2020.[19]

As of 19 March 2019, according to Ephraim Bagenda, the company's chief executive at the time, 12 pilots and 12 co-pilots (total of 24 cockpit crew), all of them Ugandans, had completed their training and certification on the CRJ900-ER aircraft. The first two regional jets were expected in Uganda in April 2019. The third jet was scheduled for delivery in July 2019 and the fourth CRJ900 was expected in September 2019. Between April and June 2019, the airline planned to obtain an Air operator's certificate (AOC) from the Uganda Civil Aviation Authority and start operations by 30 June 2019.[20] On 8 April 2019, the expected delivery date for the first two jets (5X-EQU and 5X-KOB) was reported as Tuesday 23 April 2019.[21][22][23]

In April 2019, the delivery of the first Bombardier CRJ900 was confirmed as 23 April 2019 and that of the first Airbus A330-800 neo as the first half of 2021.[24]

On 27 July 2019, the Uganda Civil Aviation Authority awarded Uganda National Airlines Company with an Air Operator Certificate, finalizing a five-step, three-month certification process that cleared the airline to commence commercial operations.[25] On 2 August 2019, the airline announced the launch date as the 28th of the same month, with flights to Nairobi, Mogadishu, Dar-es-Salaam, Juba, Kilimanjaro, Mombasa and Bujumbura.[6]

On the morning of 28 August 2019, Uganda Airlines had its first commercial flight from Entebbe to Jomo Kenyatta International Airport (JKIA) with eight passengers on board.[15]

On 13th November 2019, Uganda Airlines launched the first flight to Kilimanjaro International Airport; thereby completing the first phase of operations to seven routes which was started with flights to Jomo Kenyatta International Airport two months earlier.


As of November 2019, Uganda Airlines operates flights to the following destinations:[26][27][28]

Country City Airport Notes Refs
Burundi Bujumbura Bujumbura International Airport [29]
Kenya Mombasa Moi International Airport [30]
Nairobi Jomo Kenyatta International Airport [31]
Somalia Mogadishu Mogadishu International Airport [31]
South Sudan Juba Juba International Airport [31]
Tanzania Dar es Salaam Julius Nyerere International Airport [31]
Kilimanjaro Kilimanjaro International Airport [32]
Uganda Entebbe Entebbe International Airport Hub [31]

It is expected that when Kabaale International Airport is completed in 2021, a network of flights to local, regional and international destinations, will be developed around the new airport.[33]


As of October 2019, The airline operates the following aircraft:[19][17] The aircraft were procured new from Airbus in Europe and Bombardier Aerospace in Canada.[34][35]

Uganda Airlines fleet
Aircraft In Fleet Orders Passengers Notes
C P Y Total
Airbus A330-800neo 2[36] 20 28 213 261
Bombardier CRJ900ER 4[5][37] 12 64 76
Total 4 2

In February 2019, the first of four CRJ900 aircraft that Uganda Airlines had ordered, took her first test flight with the livery of the new airline.[38] On 29 March 2019, the Ugandan parliament approved a request by the Ugandan government for USh280 billion (approx. US$76 million), to pay for the first two CRJ900s, expected to arrive in Uganda in April 2019.[39]

On 8 April 2019, the airline firmed up its order for two A330-800 neos, with delivery now expected during the first half of 2021.[24] The third and fourth CRJ900 aircraft are expected to be delivered during the middle of October 2019, according to the Uganda Ministry of Woks and Transport.[40]

On 5 October 2019, the third and fourth CRJ900s, 5X–KDP and 5X–KNP left Montreal, Canada on their delivery journey to Entebbe, Uganda,[41][42] landing there on 7 October 2019.[5]


The airline is governed by a seven-person board of directors, including the following:[7][43][44]

  1. Godfrey Perez Ahabwe (Economist): Chairperson
  2. Benon Kajuna (Transport economist): Representing the Uganda Ministry of Works and Transport
  3. Godfrey Ssemugooma: Representing the Uganda Ministry of Finance, Planning and Economic Development
  4. Catherine Asinde Poran: Independent, Non-Executive Director
  5. Rehema Mutazindwa: Independent, Non-Executive Director
  6. Charles Hamya: Independent, Non-Executive Director
  7. Stephen Aziku Zua: Independent, Non-Executive Director.


In September 2018, the airline placed advertisements in the local print media for prospective airline staff, including directors for maintenance, engineering, commercial affairs and finance. Also corporate quality manager, human resource, ground operations, sales and marketing, cabin services and planning managers are being sought for recruitment. Pilots, cabin crew staff, ticketing officers, human resource officers, IT personnel, station managers and accountants are among the many available positions.[45] In February 2019, The Independent reported that a total of sixteen pilots of the twenty four that had been recruited were sent for training on the operation of the CRJ900 aircraft. Eight were sent to Mirabel, near Montreal, where the jets are assembled. Another eight were sent to a facility in France. When the airline becomes fully functional, a total of thirty-six pilots will have been recruited and trained.[46] As of April 2019, 200 staff positions of an estimated 400 vacancies had been filled.[47]

In October 2019, the airline's board of directors began a search for a new substantive chief executive officer. The then CEO, Ephraim Bagyenda, was reassigned to Director of Engineering and Maintenance. Cornwell Muleya, the airline's technical director, was appointed CEO, in acting capacity.[48]


Associations and membershipsEdit

In September 2019, Uganda National Airlines Company Limited was admitted as a member of the African Airlines Association, (AFRAA).[50]

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  1. ^ The registered name of the company is Uganda National Airlines Company, but it trades as Uganda Airlines.[11]


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