The Ufa Viceroyalty (Russian: Уфа Наместничество) was a viceroyalty of the Russian Empire, with the largest city being Ufa.[citation needed]

Ufa Viceroyalty
Уфа наместничество
Ufa COA (Ufa Governorate) (1782)
Coat of arms
 • TypeAbsolute Monarchy
Historical era18th Century
• Creation of Ufa Viceroyalty
23 December [O.S.] 1781
• Dissolution, renamed Orenburg Governorate
12 December [O.S.] 1796
Today part ofRussia

The viceroyalty was created in 1781 which form the lands now known as the Republic of Bashkortostan,[1] a republic within Russia. However, in 1796, the Ufa Viceroyalty was renamed to the Orenburg Governorate.[citation needed] It contained the administrative division of Sterlitamaksky Uyzeyd.

References edit

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