Uduak Isong Oguamanam is a Nigerian Nollywood scriptwriter, producer and entrepreneur[1] based in Lagos, Nigeria. She is best known for the comedy films Okon Lagos (2011) and its sequel Okon Goes To School (2013), Lost In London (2017), and Desperate Housegirls (2015). Falling (film) (2015) is Isong Oguamanam's first film under her own production company, Closer Pictures, based in Lagos, Nigeria.

Early life and educationEdit

Uduak Isong Oguamanam is from Akwa Ibom State, South-South Nigeria. She is married to Chidi Oguamanam, a medical doctor. Her sister is Nollywood director and producer Emem Isong Misodi. Isong Oguamanam studied Communication Arts and Russian languages from the University of Ibadan, Ibadan, Nigeria.

She has a master's degree in New Media and Society from the University of Leicester. She also has a Diploma in French from Alliance Francaiein, Lagos, Nigeria.[2]


Isong Oguamanam's first job was in the aviation industry as a cabin crew member for two years. She also worked in the capital market and telecoms industry.[2] Isong Oguamanam began writing prose and poetry. She ventured into film "when it looked like it was the more lucrative thing to do".[3] Her early films were produced through Royal Arts Academy, Lagos, owned by her sister, Emem Isong Misodi.

Isong Oguamanam set up Closer Pictures, Lagos. Falling is the first film produced under Closer Pictures. Falling tells the story of love and betrayal.[4] The budget for Falling was 10 million Nigerian Naira.

In 2010, Isong Oguamanam directed her first film To Live Again. It was adapted from her short story which was published by Farafina magazine based in Lagos.[2]


Isong Oguamanam has attended training and film-related events. She attended the Berlinale Talent Campus, in Berlin, Germany as a result of her screenplay Unfinished Business.

In 2012, Isong Oguamanam was chosen by the British Council, Nigeria to the UK-Nigeria creative world partnership programme, in London, UK.[2]

She also attended workshops at Raindance in the UK.


In 2006, Isong Oguamanam was awarded the Commonwealth Short Story Prize.[citation needed]

Advocacy and social workEdit

Isong Oguamanam tackles societal issues though her work. Her first project, To Live Again, deals with the stigmatization faced by people living with HIV. In 2012, she produced and co-wrote Kokomma which tackled female sexual abuse. Her film, Fine Girl (2016), is the story of a young girl who turns to prostitution to save her dying father.[5]

Isong Oguamanam also speaks on issues affecting Nollywood. In February 2018, she advised fellow film producers to "let other people sing their praise"[6] in response to producers releasing unverified box office figures.


Isong Oguamanam created the Okon character with the first in the series, Okon Lagos (2011). Actor Imeh Bishop Umoh acted as Okon. There are other films in the series such as Okon Goes To School (2013). Lost In London (2017) is the latest in the series, that continues Okon's adventures in Lagos.[7]


Okon Lagos (2011), Okon Goes to School (2013), Kokomma (2012), Lost In London (2017), Kiss and Tell (2011), Desperate House Girls (2015), Fine Girl (2016), It’s About Your husband (2016), American Boy (2017), Falling (film) (2015), A Piece Of Flesh (2007), Holding Hope (2010), Stellar (2015), Unfinished Business (2007), Edikan (2009), Through The Fire & Entanglement (2009), Timeless Passion (2011), Bursting Out (2010) Troubled Waters (2017), I’ll Take My Chances (2011), Weekend Getaway (2012), Beyond Disability (2015), Champagne (2015), Dining With A Long Spoon (2014), On Bended Knees (2013), Stolen Tomorrow (2013), Mrs Somebody (2012), Forgetting June (2012), All That Glitters (2013), Misplaced (2013), Lonely Hearts (2013), Getting Over Him (2018), Apaye (2014), The Department (2015),

Year Title Role
2007 Unfinished Business Screen Writer
A Piece Of Flesh
2009 Edikan
Through The Fire
2010 Holding Hope
Bursting Out
2011 Okon Lagos Producer
Kiss and Tell Screen Writer
I'll Take My Chances


Timeless Passion
2012 Mrs Somebody
Forgetting June
Kokomma Producer
Troubled Waters
Weekend Getaway Screen Writer
2013 Okon Goes To School Producer
On Bended Knees Screen Writer
Stolen Tomorrow
All That Glitters

After the Proposal

Lonely Hearts
2014 Apaye
Dining With A Long Spoon
2015 Desperate House Girls Screen Writer/Producer
Champagne Screen Writer
The Department Producer
Beyond Disability Screen Writer
Falling (film) Screen Writer/Producer
2016 Fine Girl
It's About Your Husband
2017 American Boy Producer
Lost In London
Troubled Waters
Cash Daddy Writer/Producer
2018 Getting Over Him Producer



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