USS SC-1, prior to July 1920 known as USS Submarine Chaser No. 1 or USS S.C. 1, was an SC-1-class submarine chaser built for the United States Navy during World War I.

USS SC-4 and USS SC-1.jpg
USS S.C. 1 (right) and her sister ship USS S.C. 4 (left) at Charleston, South Carolina.
United States
  • USS Submarine Chaser No. 1 (1917-1920)
  • USS SC-1 (1920-1921)
BuilderNaval Station New Orleans, New Orleans, Louisiana
Commissioned1[1] or 8[2] October 1917
ReclassifiedSC-1 on 17 July 1920
FateSold 20 July 1921
General characteristics
Class and typeSC-1-class submarine chaser
  • 77 tons normal
  • 85 tons full load
Beam14 ft 9 in (4.50 m)
  • 5 ft 7 in (1.70 m) normal
  • 6 ft 6 in (1.98 m) full load
PropulsionThree 220-brake horsepower (164-kilowatt) Standard Motor Construction Company six-cylinder gasoline engines, three shafts, 2,400 US gallons (9,100 L) of gasoline; one Standard Motor Construction Company two-cylinder gasoline-powered auxiliary engine
Speed18 knots (33 km/h)
Range1,000 nautical miles (1,850 km) at 10 knots (19 km/h)
Complement27 (2 officers, 25 enlisted men)
Sensors and
processing systems
One Submarine Signal Company S.C. C Tube, M.B. Tube, or K Tube hydrophone
USS S.C. 1 (left) and her sister ships USS S.C. 345 (center) and USS S.C. 344 (right) moored to a buoy at Salcombe, England, during World War I.

SC-1 was a wooden-hulled 110-foot (34 m) submarine chaser built at Naval Station New Orleans in New Orleans, Louisiana. She was commissioned on either 1[3] or 8[4] October 1917 as USS Submarine Chaser No. 1, abbreviated at the time as USS S.C. 1.

During World War I, S.C. 1 was based at Base 27, Plymouth, England, from which she conducted antisubmarine patrols against German submarines as a part of Unit 1 with the submarine chasers S.C. 344 and USS S.C. 345.

When the U.S. Navy adopted its modern hull number system on 17 July 1920, Submarine Chaser No. 1 was classified as SC-1 and her name was shortened to USS SC-1.

On 20 July 1921, the Navy sold SC-1 to Henry A. Hitner's Sons Company of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.



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