USS Franklin

USS Franklin may refer to:

  • USS Franklin (1775), a 6-gun schooner, fitted out in 1775 and returned to the owner in 1776
  • USS Franklin (1795), an 8-gun brig built in 1795, captured by corsairs from Tripoli in 1802, bought back by the United States Navy in 1805, and sold in 1807
  • USS Franklin (1815), a 74-gun ship of the line launched in 1815 and broken up in 1852
  • USS Franklin (1864), a screw frigate launched in 1864 and in active service until 1877, thereafter used as a receiving ship until 1915
  • USS Franklin (CV-13), an aircraft carrier commissioned in 1944 and crippled by bombs in March 1945, later repaired but remaining in reserve until stricken in 1964

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