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Moixa is a British company specialising in consumer-grade renewable energy storage. Its first patent was in fact a foldable computer keyboard for use with PDA devices. The name of the company is an inversion of the English word axiom.

Moixa Group
Private company
Industry Design, Technology and Research
Founded 2004
Headquarters London
Key people

Simon Daniel, CEO

Chris Wright, CTO
Products Consumer Technology

In 2006, the company launched the Moixa Energy brand which produced a NiMH rechargeable battery called USBCell. The batteries included a USB connector to allow recharging using a powered USB port.[1] The USBCell AA product, launched on September 19, 2006, was shortlisted as a finalist for a UK Design Week Award for best consumer product design of 2006.



USBCell Batteries

THE USBCell is an award-winning rechargeable battery powered by a USB connection to any applicable device. The USBCell was sold in over 50 countries. It could charge to 90% in 5 hours and contained a 1.2V 1300mAh battery.[2] It could also be charged in standard rechargeable NiMH chargers alongside standard rechargeable batteries.

Moixa Smart BatteryEdit

A 2 kWh unit mounted on a wall.
4-6 kWh Maslow unit

Around 2012, the company developed the Maslow device, a building-based home energy storage solution that works with existing photovoltaic panels to reduce energy consumption and offset power consumption to off-peak times. Using batteries charged through PV panels or the grid at off-peak times, the power is then discharged at peak times to reduce costs. The unit can support both AC and DC networks.

The product name Maslow derives from Maslow's hierarchy of needs, a modified version[3] of which was used to demonstrate in what way the fundamental macro-economic needs of the energy market relate to the energy needs of an individual energy user. According to the company vision, individual smart batteries can be combined into a centrally monitored and controlled storage network which can efficiently balance and match production and consumption on a large scale and which can help large energy utilities match the demand more precisely.

The Maslow has been subsequently re-branded as the Moixa Smart Battery. As of 2017, the Maslow (now the Moixa Smart Battery) is the only product marketed by the company. The baseline price without subsidies is £2,500 plus VAT and installation costs. The Maslow is available in three configurations: 2 kWh, 3 kWh, and 4-6 kWh stackable units. The 2 and 3 kWh units are suitable for domestic use, while the 4-6 kWh stackable units are tailored for businesses and schools.

Return of InvestmentEdit

The time in which the full-price 3 kW Moixa Smart Battery without special incentives is expected to return the investment is around 20 years[4]. Assume that every night throughout the year the household uses 3 kWh stored in the battery from daytime generation, which is quite optimistic for a house in the UK. For each 1 kWh that roughly amounts to 15p (the cost of 1 kWh of electricity) minus 3.44p (the solar export tariff). That equals 11.56p per 1 kWh times 3 for a daily saving, which is about 35p. Dividing the battery cost of £3000 inc. VAT by the daily saving we get 8571 days, that is, about 23.5 years. And this is even with installation costs not included.

With the Lithium iron phosphate battery technology used in its battery packs, 20 years is by far in excess of the expected battery life time.

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  • DemoGod - Award 2006
  • Design Awards 2007 Finalist
  • UK National Energy Efficiency Award 2007 - USBCell[7]
  • Innovation in Engineering Awards 2007- Moixa[8]
  • PocketLint - Green Gadget of the Year 2007 - Winner[9]
  • PC Pro - Environmental Innovator of the year - Finalist
  • Business XL - Company of the year awards - Finalist
  • Pocket-Lint Best Green Gadget 2007 - Winner[10]
  • European Office Products Award Emerging Vendor of the Year 2008 – Moixa Energy
  • Barclays Commercial 'Green Leaders in Business' 2008 - MoixaEnergy[11]
  • Observer Ethical Awards 2008 - Ethical Products finalist - USBCell[12]
  • Computerworld Honors Programme Energy and Environment Finalist 2008 – Moixa Energy[13]
  • iF Gold Product Design Award 2008 International Product Design - USBCell[14]
  • Rosenblatt New Energy Awards 2008 Entrepreneur of the Year - Simon Daniel[15]
  • European Office Product Awards 2008 - USBCell[16]



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