ULYSSES (cable system)

ULYSSES is a submarine communications cable network divided into two sections: ULYSSES-1 and ULYSSES-2 that transit the English Channel and the North Sea, respectively. It carries telecommunications and internet signals to-and-from the United Kingdom to the continental European Union. It began service in 1997 and is owned by WorldCom International, BT, France Telecom and KPN.

WorldCom International, BT, France Telecom and KPN
Landing points
Date of first use1997


ULYSSES-1 has landing points in:
1. St Margaret's Bay, Kent, United Kingdom
2. Calais, Pas-de-Calais, France

ULYSSES-2 has landing points in:
3. Lowestoft, Suffolk, United Kingdom
4. Near IJmuiden, North Holland, the Netherlands

The route then continues inland into mainland Europe and joins the two cables together at:
5. Amsterdam, Netherlands
6. Düsseldorf, Germany
7. Frankfurt, Germany
8. Saarbrücken, Germany
9. Brussels, Belgium
10. Reims, France
11. Fresnes-lès-Montauban, France
12. Paris, France

And from the two UK landing points the cable connects together at:
13. London, UK