UFO Collective

UFO Collective was an early South African rave organisation established in Cape Town in 1989 by Carl Mason and Jesse Stagg.

Key members of the collective were UK artist Nik Jevons, Massimo Loi, Jerome Wagner, DJ Will Hutton (aka DJ Will Travel) and UK DJ Chris Powell.

UFO collective was responsible for staging the first African rave the World Peace Party in 1991 and conceiving Africa's first dedicated House Music club Eden.

An offshoot of UFO was the design group known as the Paint Possee. Specializing in interior design projects, murals and public arts projects, the Paint Possee had a vivid post-modern psychedelic style influenced heavily by ancient Mayan artwork interpreted in an early Hip Hop Wild Style. The number of e's at the end of 'Posse' signed in a mural or artwork, indicated the number of artists in this loose collective at any given time.