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UFC Hall of Fame

The UFC Hall of Fame is a hall of fame which honors mixed martial artist and personalities, established and maintained by the U.S.-based mixed martial arts promotion Ultimate Fighting Championship. They recognize accomplishments from Pride Fighting Championships, World Extreme Cagefighting and Strikeforce.

UFC Hall of Fame
UFC Logo.png
Established November 21, 2003
Founder Ultimate Fighting Championship
Inductees 14 pioneers
4 modern-era
3 contributors
3 Fights
(24 total inductees)
(4 double inductees)

It was officially established in Las Vegas on November 21, 2003 at UFC 45 with the inaugural inductees being UFC Originals Royce Gracie and Ken Shamrock.[1]



Pioneer wingEdit

Name Date of Induction
UFC recognized accolades
  Royce Gracie November 21, 2003 (UFC 45) UFC 1 Tournament Winner, UFC 2 Tournament Winner and UFC 4 Tournament Winner.
  Ken Shamrock November 21, 2003 (UFC 45) One-time UFC Superfight Champion, two UFC Superfight Championship defenses, UFC 3 Tournament Finalist, one-time Pancrase Openweight Champion, one Pancrase Openweight Championship defense and King of Pancrase Tournament Winner.
  Dan Severn April 16, 2005 (UFC 52) One-time UFC Superfight Champion, UFC 5 Tournament Winner and Ultimate Ultimate 1995 Tournament Winner.
  Randy Couture June 24, 2006 (The Ultimate Fighter: Team Ortiz vs. Team Shamrock Finale) Three-time UFC Heavyweight Champion, three UFC Heavyweight Championship defenses, two-time UFC Light Heavyweight Champion, one-time Interim UFC Light Heavyweight champion and UFC 13 Heavyweight Tournament Champion.
  Mark Coleman March 1, 2008 (UFC 82) One-time UFC Heavyweight Champion (first Heavyweight Champion in UFC history), UFC 10 Tournament Champion, UFC 11 Tournament Champion and Pride Grand Prix 2000 Finals Tournament Champion.
  Chuck Liddell July 11, 2009 (UFC 100) One-time UFC Light Heavyweight Champion and four UFC Light Heavyweight Championship defenses.
  Matt Hughes May 29, 2010 (UFC 114) Two-time UFC Welterweight Champion and seven UFC Welterweight Championship defenses.
  Tito Ortiz July 7, 2012 (UFC 148) One-time UFC Light Heavyweight Champion and five UFC Light Heavyweight Championship defenses.
  Pat Miletich July 5, 2014 (UFC 175) One-time UFC Welterweight Champion (first Welterweight Champion in UFC history), four UFC Welterweight Championship defenses and UFC 16 Welterweight Tournament Winner.
  Bas Rutten July 11, 2015 (UFC 189) One-time UFC Heavyweight Champion, one-time Pancrase Openweight Champion, and two Pancrase Openweight Championship defenses.
  Antônio Rodrigo Nogueira July 10, 2016 (UFC Fan Expo) One-time Pride Heavyweight Champion, one-time Interim Pride Heavyweight Champion and one-time Interim UFC Heavyweight Champion.
  Don Frye July 10, 2016 (UFC Fan Expo) UFC 8 Tournament Winner, UFC 10 Tournament Finalist and UFC Ultimate Ultimate 1996 Tournament Winner.
  Maurice Smith July 6, 2017 (UFC Fan Expo) One-time UFC Heavyweight Champion, one UFC Heavyweight Championship defense, one-time Extreme Fighting Heavyweight Championship and one Extreme Fighting Heavyweight Championship defense.
  Kazushi Sakuraba July 6, 2017 (UFC Fan Expo) UFC Japan Heavyweight Tournament Winner

Modern-era wingEdit

Name Date of Induction
UFC recognized accolades
  Forrest Griffin July 6, 2013 (UFC 162) One-time UFC Light Heavyweight Champion and The Ultimate Fighter 1: Light Heavyweight Tournament Winner.
  B.J. Penn July 11, 2015 (UFC 189) One-time UFC Welterweight Champion, one-time UFC Lightweight Champion and three UFC Lightweight Championship defenses.
  Urijah Faber July 6, 2017 (UFC Hall of Fame event) One-time WEC Featherweight Champion and five WEC Featherweight Championship defenses.


Name Date of Induction
  Charles Lewis Jr.
July 11, 2009 (UFC 100) Founded the first major mixed martial arts clothing line Tapout.
Jeff Blatnick July 11, 2015 (UFC 189) Served as a commentator, He also served as the UFC commissioner and was instrumental in helping the UFC get regulated by the athletic commissions.
Bob Meyrowitz July 10, 2016 (UFC Fan Expo) Is the co-creator of the UFC, he was the owner until it was sold to Zuffa.
Joe Silva[2] July 6, 2017 UFC matchmaker.


Fight Date of Induction
Forrest Griffin vs. Stephan Bonnar July 6, 2013 (The Ultimate Fighter 1 Finale) Widely regarded as the greatest fight in UFC history. Also marked a turning point for the UFC in which popularity that was once lost started to return and finally marked MMA as a legitimate sport.
Matt Hughes vs. Frank Trigg II July 11, 2015 (UFC 52) For the UFC Welterweight Championship
Mark Coleman vs. Pete Williams July 10, 2016 (UFC 17) Infamous kick heard around the world.


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