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U12 minor spliceosomal RNA is formed from U12 small nuclear (snRNA), together with U4atac/U6atac, U5, and U11 snRNAs and associated proteins, forms a spliceosome that cleaves a divergent class of low-abundance pre-mRNA introns. Although the U12 sequence is very divergent from that of U2, the two are functionally analogous.[1] The predicted secondary structure of U12 RNA is published,[2] but the alternative single hairpin in the 3' end shown here seems to better match the alignment of divergent Drosophila melanogaster and Arabidopsis thaliana sequences.[3] The sequences U12 introns that are spliced out are collected in a biological database called the U12 intron database.

U12 minor spliceosomal RNA
Other data
RNA typeGene; snRNA; splicing
GO0000371 0045131 0005693
PDB structuresPDBe


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