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The U.S. Women's Amateur is the leading golf tournament in the United States for female amateur golfers. It is played annually and is one of the 13 United States national golf championships organized by the United States Golf Association (USGA). Female amateurs from all nations are eligible to compete and there are no age restrictions. It was established in 1895, one month after the men's U.S. Amateur and U.S. Open. It is the third oldest USGA championship, over a half century older than the U.S. Women's Open, which was first played in 1946. Along with the British Ladies Amateur, the U.S. Women's Amateur is considered the highest honor in women's amateur golf.

Robert Cox CupEdit

Since 1896 the Robert Cox Cup has been awarded annually by the USGA to the winner. The trophy was donated by Robert Cox of Edinburgh, Scotland, a member of the British Parliament and a golf course designer. It remains the oldest surviving trophy awarded for a USGA championship. Along with a gold medal, a replica of the 2-foot-high (0.61 m) silver case of Etruscan design is given to the tournament winner. The original trophy is on permanent display at the USGA Museum and Library. The Robert Cox Cup is the only USGA trophy donated by someone from another country.

The first tournament attracted a field of 13 and was played over 18 holes. As in the case of the men's U.S. Amateur, entry was originally restricted to members of USGA-affiliated private clubs (and, presumably, international players who were members of clubs affiliated with their nations' golf governing bodies); this policy remained in place until the 1979 tournament.[1] Several thousand women now enter the event, and the USGA conducts sectional qualifying to reduce the number of contestants to a more manageable number. The main tournament opens with two rounds of stroke play. The leading 64 players then compete in a match play competition. The matches are played over 18 holes except for the final, which is played over 36 holes.

In 1956, Ann Gregory became the first African American to compete in the Championship, held that year at the Meridian Hills Country Club in Indianapolis.

There are no age restrictions on entry. Players must have a handicap index of 5.4 or less. Morgan Pressel qualified as a 13-year-old in 2001 and won in 2005 at the age of 17. The 2006 winner Kimberly Kim was only 14 years old, breaking the record previously held by Laura Baugh. In 2007, Pearl Jin and Alexis Thompson became the first 12-year-olds to qualify and the first to advance to match play. Jin and Thompson faced one another in the third round match play. Thompson beat Jin, but then lost in the quarterfinals.

Because the tournament is dominated by teenagers and college-age players who are working toward careers as tournament professionals, the USGA introduced a separate tournament in 1987 for players age 25 and over, called the U.S. Women's Mid-Amateur. It gives older amateur players an opportunity to compete among themselves for a national title; entrants must have a handicap index of 9.4 or less.

The USGA rates Glenna Collett Vare as the most noteworthy champion who won the Robert Cox Cup a record six times. Several U.S. Women's Amateur champions who have gone on to become leading professionals including Patty Berg, Babe Zaharias, Louise Suggs and Beth Daniel.

The two finalists win exemptions to the ensuing U.S. Women's Open, and the winner also wins exemptions to the Ricoh Women's British Open and upon turning 50, the U.S. Senior Women's Open (one year exemption for players who eventually turned professional, and five years for players who did not turn professional).


Year Venue Winner Country Score Runner-up
2019 Old Waverly Golf Club Gabriela Ruffels   Australia 1 up   Albane Valenzuela
2018 Golf Club of Tennessee Kristen Gillman   United States 7 & 6   Jeon Ji-won
2017 San Diego Country Club Sophia Schubert   United States 6 & 5   Albane Valenzuela
2016 Rolling Green Golf Club Seong Eun-jeong   South Korea 1 up   Virginia Elena Carta
2015 Portland Golf Club Hannah O'Sullivan   United States 3 & 2   Sierra Brooks
2014 Nassau Country Club Kristen Gillman   United States 2 up   Brooke Henderson
2013 Country Club of Charleston Emma Talley   United States 2 & 1   Yueer Cindy Feng
2012 The Country Club (Cleveland) Lydia Ko   New Zealand 3 & 1   Jaye Marie Green
2011 Rhode Island Country Club Danielle Kang   United States 6 & 5   Moriya Jutanugarn
2010 Charlotte Country Club Danielle Kang   United States 2 & 1   Jessica Korda
2009 Old Warson Country Club Jennifer Song   United States
  South Korea
3 & 1   Jennifer Johnson
2008 Eugene Country Club Amanda Blumenherst   United States 2 & 1   Azahara Muñoz
2007 Crooked Stick Golf Club Maria José Uribe   Colombia 1 up   Amanda Blumenherst
2006 Pumpkin Ridge Golf Club Kimberly Kim   United States 1 up   Katharina Schallenberg
2005 Ansley Golf Club Morgan Pressel   United States 9 & 8   Maru Martinez
2004 The Kahkwa Club Jane Park   United States 2 up   Amanda McCurdy
2003 Philadelphia Country Club Virada Nirapathpongporn   Thailand 2 & 1   Jane Park
2002 Sleepy Hollow Country Club Becky Lucidi   United States 3 & 2   Brandi Jackson
2001 Flint Hills National Golf Club Meredith Duncan   United States 37 holes   Nicole Perrot
2000 Waverley Country Club Marcy Newton   United States 8 & 7   Laura Myerscough
1999 Biltmore Forest Country Club Dorothy Delasin   United States 4 & 3   Jimin Kang
1998 Barton Hills Country Club Grace Park   South Korea 7 & 6   Jenny Chuasiriporn
1997 Brae Burn Country Club Silvia Cavalleri   Italy 5 & 4   Robin Burke
1996 Firethorn Golf Club Kelli Kuehne   United States 2 & 1   Marisa Baena
1995 The Country Club Kelli Kuehne   United States 4 & 3   Anne-Marie Knight
1994 The Homestead Wendy Ward   United States 2 up   Jill McGill
1993 San Diego Country Club Jill McGill   United States 1 up   Sarah LeBrun Ingram
1992 Kemper Lakes Golf Club Vicki Goetze   United States 1 up   Annika Sörenstam
1991 Prairie Dunes Country Club Amy Fruhwirth   United States 5 & 4   Heidi Voorhees
1990 Canoe Brook Country Club Pat Hurst   United States 37 holes   Stephanie Davis
1989 Pinehurst Resort Vicki Goetze   United States 4 & 3   Brandie Burton
1988 Minikahda Club Pearl Sinn   United States 6 & 5   Karen Noble
1987 Rhode Island Country Club Kay Cockerill   United States 3 & 2   Tracy Kerdyk
1986 Pasatiempo Golf Club Kay Cockerill   United States 9 & 7   Kathleen McCarthy
1985 Fox Chapel Country Club Michiko Hattori   Japan 5 & 4   Cheryl Stacy
1984 Broadmoor Golf Club, Seattle Deb Richard   United States 37 holes   Kimberly Williams
1983 Canoe Brook Country Club Joanne Pacillo   United States 2 & 1   Sally Quinlan
1982 Broadmoor Golf Club Juli Inkster   United States 4 & 3   Cathy Hanlon
1981 Waverley Country Club Juli Inkster   United States 1 up   Lindy Goggin
1980 Prairie Dunes Country Club Juli Inkster   United States 2 up   Patti Rizzo
1979 Memphis Country Club Carolyn Hill   United States 7 & 6   Patty Sheehan
1978 Sunnybrook Golf Club Cathy Sherk   Canada 4 & 3   Judith Oliver
1977 Cincinnati Country Club Beth Daniel   United States 3 & 1   Cathy Sherk
1976 Del Paso Country Club Donna Horton   United States 2 & 1   Marianne Bretton
1975 Brae Burn Country Club Beth Daniel   United States 3 & 2   Donna Horton
1974 Broadmoor Golf Club, Seattle Cynthia Hill   United States 5 & 4   Carol Semple
1973 Montclair Golf Club Carol Semple   United States 1 up   Anne Quast Sander
1972 St. Louis Country Club Mary Budke   United States 5 & 4   Cynthia Hill
1971 Atlanta Country Club Laura Baugh   United States 1 up   Beth Barry
1970 Wee Burn Country Club Martha Wilkinson   United States 3 & 2   Cynthia Hill
1969 Las Colinas Country Club Catherine Lacoste   France 3 & 2   Shelley Hamlin
1968 Birmingham Country Club JoAnne Gunderson   United States 5 & 4   Anne Quast Welts
1967 Annandale Golf Club Mary Lou Dill   United States 5 & 4   Jean Ashley
1966 Sewickley Heights Golf Club JoAnne Gunderson   United States 41 holes   Marlene Stewart Streit
1965 Lakewood Country Club Jean Ashley   United States 5 & 4   Anne Quast Welts
1964 Prairie Dunes Country Club Barbara McIntire   United States 3 & 2   JoAnne Gunderson
1963 Taconic Golf Club Anne Quast Welts   United States 2 & 1   Peggy Conley
1962 Country Club of Rochester JoAnne Gunderson   United States 9 & 8   Ann Baker
1961 Tacoma Country and Golf Club Anne Quast Decker   United States 14 & 13   Phyllis Preuss
1960 Tulsa Country Club JoAnne Gunderson   United States 6 & 5   Jean Ashley
1959 Congressional Country Club Barbara McIntire   United States 4 & 3   Joanne Goodwin
1958 Wee Burn Country Club Anne Quast   United States 3 & 2   Barbara Romack
1957 Del Paso Country Club JoAnne Gunderson   United States 8 & 6   Ann Casey Johnstone
1956 Meridian Hills Country Club Marlene Stewart   Canada 2 & 1   JoAnne Gunderson
1955 Myers Park Country Club Patricia Lesser   United States 7 & 6   Jane Nelson
1954 Allegheny Country Club Barbara Romack   United States 4 & 2   Mickey Wright
1953 Rhode Island Country Club Mary Lena Faulk   United States 3 & 2   Polly Riley
1952 Waverley Country Club Jackie Pung   United States 2 & 1   Shirley McFedters
1951 Town & Country Club Dorothy Kirby   United States 2 & 1   Claire Doran
1950 East Lake Golf Club Beverly Hanson   United States 6 & 4   Mae Murray
1949 Merion Golf Club Dorothy Germain Porter   United States 3 & 2   Dot Kielty
1948 Pebble Beach Golf Links Grace Lenczyk   United States 4 & 3   Helen Sigel
1947 Franklin Hills Country Club Louise Suggs   United States 2 up   Dorothy Kirby
1946 Southern Hills Country Club Babe Zaharias   United States 11 & 9   Clara Sherman
1942–45: No championships due to World War II
1941 The Country Club Betty Hicks Newell   United States 5 & 3   Helen Sigel
1940 Pebble Beach Golf Links Betty Jameson   United States 6 & 5   Jane S. Cothran
1939 Wee Burn Club Betty Jameson   United States 3 & 2   Dorothy Kirby
1938 Westmoreland Country Club Patty Berg   United States 6 & 5   Estelle Lawson Page
1937 Memphis Country Club Estelle Lawson Page   United States 7 & 6   Patty Berg
1936 Canoe Brook Country Club Pam Barton   England 4 & 3   Maureen Orcutt
1935 Interlachen Country Club Glenna Collett Vare   United States 3 & 2   Patty Berg
1934 Whitemarsh Valley Country Club Virginia Van Wie   United States 2 & 1   Dorothy Traung
1933 Exmoor Country Club Virginia Van Wie   United States 4 & 3   Helen Hicks
1932 Salem Country Club Virginia Van Wie   United States 10 & 8   Glenna Collett Vare
1931 Country Club of Buffalo Helen Hicks   United States 2 & 1   Glenna Collett-Vare
1930 Los Angeles Country Club Glenna Collett   United States 6 & 5   Virginia Van Wie
1929 Oakland Hills Country Club Glenna Collett   United States 4 & 3   Leona Pressler
1928 The Homestead Glenna Collett   United States 13 & 12   Virginia Van Wie
1927 Cherry Valley Club Miriam Burns Horn   United States 5 & 4   Maureen Orcutt
1926 Merion Golf Club Helen Stetson   United States 3 & 1   Elizabeth Goss
1925 St. Louis Country Club Glenna Collett   United States 9 & 8   Alexa Stirling
1924 Rhode Island Country Club Dorothy Campbell   Scotland 7 & 6   Mary Browne
1923 Westchester Country Club Edith Cummings   United States 3 & 2   Alexa Stirling
1922 The Greenbrier Glenna Collett   United States 5 & 4   Margaret Gavin
1921 Hollywood Golf Club Marion Hollins   United States 5 & 4   Alexa Stirling
1920 Mayfield Country Club Alexa Stirling   United States 5 & 4   Dorothy Campbell
1919 Shawnee Country Club Alexa Stirling   United States 6 & 5   Margaret Gavin
1917–18: No championships due to World War I
1916 Belmont Springs Country Club Alexa Stirling   United States 2 & 1   Mildred Caverly
1915 Onwentsia Club Florence Vanderbeck   United States 3 & 2   Margaret Gavin
1914 Nassau Country Club Katherine Harley   United States 1 up   Elaine Rosenthal
1913 Wilmington Country Club Gladys Ravenscroft   England 2 up   Marion Hollins
1912 Essex County Country Club Margaret Curtis   United States 3 & 2   Nonna Barlow
1911 Baltusrol Golf Club Margaret Curtis   United States 5 & 3   Lillian B. Hyde
1910 Homewood Country Club Dorothy Campbell   Scotland 2 & 1   Mrs. F. M. Martin
1909 Merion Golf Club Dorothy Campbell   Scotland 3 & 2   Nonna Barlow
1908 Chevy Chase Club Katherine Harley   United States 6 & 5   Mrs. T. H. Polhemus
1907 Midlothian Country Club Margaret Curtis   United States 7 & 6   Harriot Curtis
1906 Brae Burn Country Club Harriot Curtis   United States 2 & 1   Mary B. Adams
1905 Morris County Golf Club Pauline Mackay   United States 1 up   Margaret Curtis
1904 Merion Golf Club Georgianna Bishop[2]   United States 5 & 3   Mrs. E. F. Sanford
1903 Chicago Golf Club Bessie Anthony   United States 7 & 6   J. Anna Carpenter
1902 The Country Club Genevieve Hecker   United States 4 & 3   Louisa A. Wells
1901 Baltusrol Golf Club Genevieve Hecker   United States 5 & 3   Lucy Herron
1900 Shinnecock Hills Golf Club Frances C. Griscom   United States 6 & 5   Margaret Curtis
1899 Philadelphia Country Club Ruth Underhill   United States 2 & 1   Margaret Fox
1898 Ardsley Club Beatrix Hoyt   United States 5 & 3   Maude Wetmore
1897 Essex County Country Club Beatrix Hoyt   United States 5 & 4   Nellie Sargent
1896 Morris County Golf Club Beatrix Hoyt   United States 2 & 1   Mrs. Arthur Turnure
1895 Meadow Brook Club Lucy Barnes Brown   United States 132[3]   Nellie Sargent

Multiple winnersEdit

Nineteen players have won more than one U.S. Women's Amateur, through 2019:

Seven players have won both the U.S. Women's Amateur and Open Championships, through 2019:

Eleven players have won both the U.S. Women's and British Ladies Amateur Championships, through 2019:

^ Won both in same year.


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