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U.S. Route 62 in Texas

U.S. Route 62 (US 62) is a US highway that runs from the Mexico–US border at El Paso, TX to the Canada-US border at Niagara Falls, NY. In Texas, the highway exists in two segments separated by a segment in New Mexico. US 62 is a major corridor in West Texas as it connects the cities of El Paso and Lubbock.

US Highway 62 marker

US Highway 62
Route information
Maintained by TxDOT
Length403.744 mi[1] (649.763 km)
West Texas
West end US 85 at the Mexican border in El Paso
I-110 in El Paso
US 54 in El Paso
I-10 / US 180 in El Paso
East end US 62 / US 180 at New Mexico state line northwest of Pine Springs
South Plains
West end US 62 / US 180 at New Mexico state line west of Seminole
I-27 / US 87 in Lubbock
East end US-62 at Oklahoma state line near Hollis
CountiesEl Paso, Hudspeth, Culberson; Gaines, Terry, Hockley, Lubbock, Crosby, Floyd, Motley, Cottle, Childress
Highway system
SH 61SH 63

Route descriptionEdit

El Capitan as seen from US 62 in Guadalupe Mountains National Park


US 62 begins at the Santa Fe Street Bridge at the Mexico–US border in El Paso concurrent with U.S. Route 85. US 62 ends its overlap with US 85 and runs along E. Paisano Drive through Downtown El Paso. The highway runs northeast and passes by the Chamizal National Memorial before interchanging with Interstate 110 and U.S. Route 54. US 62 continues to run along E. Paisano Drive and has a short overlap with State Highway 20, which both enters and leaves via a traffic circle. The highway meets Interstate 10, where it begins an overlap with U.S. Route 180. Just north of I-10, US 62/180 leave E. Paisano Drive and begin to run along Montana Avenue, passing just south of El Paso International Airport. The section of Montana Avenue from Global Reach Drive/N. Yarbrough Drive to Rich Beem Boulevard runs along the reservation line to Fort Bliss. Development begins to steadily decrease along the highway east of Loop 375 as US 62 runs through the communities of Homestead Meadows North/Homestead Meadows South, Butterfield, and Montana Vista. After leaving El Paso County, the highway runs through sparsely populated areas and the town of Pine Springs near Guadalupe Mountains National Park. The highway winds through the Guadalupe Mountains before crossing into New Mexico.

South PlainsEdit

US 62/180 reenters Texas from New Mexico between Hobbs and Seminole. US 62 ends its overlap with US 180 in Seminole and begins an overlap with U.S. Route 385. The two highways run north-northeast through the towns of Seagraves and Wellman before entering Brownfield. In Brownfield, US 62 has a short overlap with U.S. Route 380 and State Highway 137 and begins an overlap with U.S. Route 82. US 385 leaves the concurrency in the northern part of the town. US 62/82 run through the towns of Meadow and Ropesville before entering metro Lubbock and the town of Wolfforth. The highway bypasses the town as a freeway and enters Lubbock near the 82nd Street exit. US 62/82 becomes a divided highway between 82nd Street and Spur 327 before becoming a freeway again, which is known locally as the Marsha Sharp Freeway. US 62 runs along the Marsha Sharp Freeway through a heavily developed area of southwest Lubbock before leaving US 82 at State Highway 114. US 62/SH 114 run through the heart of the city on 19th Street before becoming Idalou Road at Martin Luther King, Jr. Boulevard. The highway rejoins US 82 near the East Loop 289 interchange. The highways run northeast out of the city before turning in a predominately east direction in Idalou.

US 62 leaves US 82/SH 114 in Ralls before beginning a concurrency with State Highway 207. The highway's concurrency with SH 207 ends in Floydada, with US 62 beginning an overlap with U.S. Route 70. US 62 has a lengthy overlap with US 70 that lasts from Floydada to Paducah. In Paducah, US 62 begins an overlap with U.S. Route 83, with the two highways running through Childress. US 62 ends its overlap with US 83 just north of the Prairie Dog Town Fork Red River and exits the state into Oklahoma a few miles west of Hollis.

Junction listEdit

El PasoEl Paso  To Fed. 45Mexican border; west end of US 85 overlap
  US 85 north (Paisano Drive)East end of US 85 overlap
  I-110 (Bridge of the Americas) – JuárezInterchange
   US 54 (Patriot Freeway) to Loop 375 – AlamogordoUS 54 exit 20A
  SH 20 west (Alameda Avenue)Traffic circle; west end of SH 20 overlap
  SH 20 east (Alameda Avenue) – YsletaTraffic circle; east end of SH 20 overlap
   I-10 west / US 180 – Las Cruces, Fort StocktonWest end of US 180 overlap; I-10 exit 23B
  FM 2316 south (McRae Boulevard)
  Loop 375 (Joe Battle Boulevard) – Fort Bliss, Biggs Army Airfield, Alamogordo, YsletaLoop 375 exit 35
  FM 659 south (Zaragoza Road) – YsletaInterchange
  RM 2775 north – Hueco Tanks State Historic Site
HudspethCornudas  RM 2317 south
  RM 1111 south – Sierra Blanca
  FM 1437 north – Dell City
Salt Flat  FM 1576 north – Dell City
Culberson  SH 54 south – Van Horn
  RM 652 east – Orla
   US 62 east / US 180 east – Carlsbad, HobbsNew Mexico state line
US 62 crosses through New Mexico
Gaines   US 62 west / US 180 west – Hobbs, CarlsbadNew Mexico state line
  FM 3306 north
  FM 1757 north – Higginbotham
Seminole  SH 214 north – Denver City, Plains
   US 180 east / US 385 south – Lamesa, Andrews, OdessaEast end of US 180 overlap; west end of US 385 overlap
Seagraves  SH 83 – Denver City, Welch
TerryWellman   FM 213 / FM 303 south – LoopSouth end of FM 303 overlap
  FM 303 north – GomezNorth end of FM 303 overlap
Brownfield   SH 137 north / FM 403 south – LevellandWest end of SH 137 overlap
  SH 137 south – Lamesa, StantonEast end of SH 137 overlap
  US 82 west – Plains, Roswell, ArtesiaWest end of US 82/380 overlap
  US 380 east – Tahoka, PostEast end of US 380 overlap
  US 385 north – Levelland, LittlefieldEast end of US 385 overlap
  FM 2066 north
  FM 1698 east
Meadow  FM 211 – New Home, Wilson
HockleyRopesville   FM 41 / FM 168 – Smyer, Slaton
Lubbock  FM 1585 east – PoseyWest end of FM 1585 overlap
  FM 1585 westEast end of FM 1585 overlap
Wolfforth  Loop 193 east (Main Street)West end of freeway
  FM 179 – Wolfforth, Lamesa, Shallowater
  Loop 193 west / 82nd Street – WolfforthEast end of freeway
LubbockUpland Avenue
  Spur 327 east – Tahoka, PostWest end of freeway; eastbound exit and westbound entrance
Milwaukee Avenue
  Loop 289 (West Loop) – Tahoka, Levelland
34th Street/Slide Road
Quaker Avenue
   US 82 east (Marsha Sharp Freeway) / SH 114 west (19th Street) – Levelland, Crosbyton, FloydadaEast end of US 82 overlap; west end of SH 114 overlap; east end of freeway
  US 84 (Avenue Q) – Shallowater, Slaton
   I-27 / US 87 – Plainview, Amarillo, LamesaI-27 exit 3
   US 82 west (Parkway Drive) / Loop 289 (East Loop) – Brownfield, Plainview, SlatonInterchange; west end of US 82 overlap
   FM 2641 west – Preston Smith International Airport
  FM 1724 south – Buffalo Springs Lake, Ransom Canyon, PoseyWest end of FM 1724 overlap
  FM 1729 north – New DealEast end of FM 1724 overlap
Idalou  FM 400 – Plainview, Slaton, Ransom Canyon
  FM 789 south – AcuffWest end of FM 789 overlap
  FM 789 north – PetersburgEast end of FM 789 overlap
CrosbyLorenzo  FM 378 north – LockneyWest end of FM 378 overlap
  FM 378 southEast end of FM 378 overlap
  FM 2236 north
  FM 2576 south
Ralls   US 82 east / SH 114 east – Crosbyton, Wichita FallsEast end of US 82/SH 114 overlap
  SH 207 south – PostSouth end of SH 207 overlap
  FM 1471
Cone  FM 193 – McAdoo
Floyd  FM 54 west – Petersburg, Littlefield
  FM 37 west – Fieldton
Floydada  US 70 west – Plainview, LockneyWest end of US 70 overlap
   SH 207 north / FM 1958 east – SilvertonEast end of SH 207 overlap
  FM 651 – Crosbyton
  FM 602 south
  FM 28 south – DoughertyWest end of FM 28 overlap
  FM 28 northEast end of FM 28 overlap
MotleyMatador  SH 70 – Turkey, Dickens
  Spur 94 north – Tell, Childress
  FM 1380
Cottle  FM 1037 north
Paducah   US 70 east / US 83 south – Crowell, Vernon, Guthrie, AbileneEast end of US 70 overlap; west end of US 83 overlap
  FM 1037 southWest end of FM 1037 overlap
  FM 1037 northEast end of FM 1037 overlap
  FM 2876 east – Quanah
  FM 2998 north
  FM 3256 west – Matador Wildlife Management Area
  FM 2998 south
  FM 1440 west – Cee Vee
Childress  FM 2103 west
  FM 94 south – Tell, Matador
Childress  FM 2042
   FM 164 – Childress Municipal Airport
  US 287 – Memphis, Amarillo, Quanah, Wichita Falls
    FM 3181 east to FM 401 south to FM 2530
  FM 2645
Bridge over Prairie Dog Town Fork Red River
   To US 83 north / SH 256 – Wellington, MemphisEast end of US 83 overlap
  FM 1438 north
  FM 1642 north – Dodson
  US-62 east – HollisOklahoma state line
1.000 mi = 1.609 km; 1.000 km = 0.621 mi


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