U.S. Route 31 in Alabama

U.S. Route 31 (US 31) in Alabama runs north–south up through the heart of Alabama for 386.449 miles (621.929 km). US 31 proper begins at a junction with US 90 and US 98 in Spanish Fort and exits the state into Tennessee running concurrently with Interstate 65 (I-65) near Ardmore. US 31 enters the limits of major cities Montgomery, Birmingham, and Decatur. Throughout the state, with the exception of its concurrency with I-65 north of Athens, US 31 runs concurrently with the unsigned State Route 3 (SR 3). Today, aside from portions through major towns and cities, US 31 is largely a rural two-lane highway. The route has largely been supplanted by I-65, with which it has eight junctions and two concurrencies.

U.S. Route 31 marker
U.S. Route 31
Route information
Maintained by ALDOT
Length386.449 mi[1] (621.929 km)
Existed1926 (1926)–present
Major junctions
South end US 90 / US 98 in Spanish Fort
North end US 31 / I-65 at Tennessee state line near Ardmore
CountiesBaldwin, Escambia, Conecuh, Butler, Lowndes, Montgomery, Elmore, Autauga, Chilton, Shelby, Jefferson, Blount, Cullman, Morgan, Limestone
Highway system
  • Alabama Highways
Alabama 30.svg SR 30Alabama 32.svg SR 32
Alabama 2.svg SR 2SR 3Alabama 4.svg SR 4

Route DescriptionEdit

As with several other U.S. Routes in Alabama, U.S. Route 31 is mostly parallel to Interstate 65 throughout its journey across the state, servicing several towns and cities Interstate 65 bypasses.

Upon leaving US Route 90 and US Route 98 in Spanish Fort, the route heads due east towards the town of Stapleton, where it joins Alabama State Route 59 (Gulf Shores Parkway). About eleven miles later, the route leaves the Gulf Shores Parkway right-of-way and follows a town square around the Baldwin County Courthouse in Bay Minette. Leaving Bay Minette, the route winds northeast, passing fairly close to the northwestern corner of Florida. Upon crossing into Escambia County, the route winds east through Atmore before dipping south into Flomaton. Several hundred feet from the state line with Florida, the route gains U.S. Route 29, which joins it in a fifteen mile concurrency northeast to Brewton. After losing U.S. 29 in Brewton, the route heads directly north, crossing the county line into Conecuh County. A few miles later, the route turns to be parallel with Interstate 65.

Reaching U.S. Route 84 just east of Interstate 65, U.S. Routes 31/84 travel into Evergreen, deviating from I-65. East of Evergreen, U.S. Route 84 heads southeast towards Andalusia, while U.S. Route 31 winds back north into Butler County. In far southeastern Butler County, the route engages in a fairly short concurrency with Alabama State Route 55. From the end of this concurrency in Georgiana north to Tennessee and beyond, U.S. 31 roughly parallels I-65. Heading northeast, U.S. 31 passes through Greenville. After cutting a corner of Lowndes County, U.S. 31 enters Montgomery County and crosses over I-65 for the first time.

After crossing U.S. Route 80 - which follows the historic Selma to Montgomery March Corridor - the route turns onto a beltway routing around western Montgomery, the capital of Alabama. At this point, it passes within a few miles of its child routes U.S. Route 331 and U.S. Route 231. After crossing the Alabama River, the route cuts a corner of Elmore County and enters Autauga County. In Prattville, the route has its junction with U.S. Route 82. It crosses Interstate 65 again a few miles later, quickly entering into Chilton County.

The route reaches its next concurrency with Alabama State Route 22, which it carries across Interstate 65 and into downtown Clanton, the geographical center of Alabama. After leaving SR-22, it heads north into Shelby County. After Calera, the route crosses I-65, serving Saginaw. It yet again crosses I-65 into the town of Alabaster. It enters Jefferson County a few miles later, home of Birmingham (AL) - Alabama's largest city population-wise.

In southern Jefferson County, the route reaches Hoover. At this point, the route crosses Interstate 459 - a partial beltway around Birmingham. In Vestavia Hills, a suburb of Birmingham, the route crosses Interstate 65 yet again, its last crossing in the county. Snaking up to Homewood, another suburb of Birmingham, the route reaches U.S. Route 280. At its interchange with U.S. 280, the route becomes the Red Mountain Expressway, descending down Red Mountain. At this point, the city of Birmingham is in stunning view. Descending onto a viaduct above eastern Birmingham, the route has its junctions with U.S. Route 78 and U.S. Route 11 before reaching their Interstate parallels, the concurrent Interstate 20 and Interstate 59, which is also the western terminus of U.S. Route 280. At this junction, the route dips down out of the viaduct onto surface streets, passing through the northern suburbs of Birmingham. A few miles later, the route has its junction with Interstate 22; this is also a dual junction with Interstate 65, but not a crossing. At this point, the route leaves Birmingham.

Winding through Fultondale, Gardendale, Morris, and Warrior, the route serves the communities of hilly northern Jefferson County. After crossing the county line into Blount County, the route has a junction with Alabama State Route 160 immediately followed by a Parclo Interchange with Interstate 65. At this point, U.S. Route 31 enters its first concurrency with Interstate 65. A few miles later in Smoke Rise, the route leaves Interstate 65 at a trumpet interchange. Following an arc, the route winds through a ridge cut, passes through Bangor, and crosses the Mulberry Fork of the Black Warrior River into Cullman County.

Immediately entering Garden City, the route slowly starts to arc back towards I-65. In Hanceville, the route passes Wallace State University and also passes within a few miles of the Shrine of the Most Blessed Sacrament. Winding north out of Hanceville, the route crosses into the city limits of Cullman. A few miles into the city limits, the route engages in a concurrency with Alabama State Route 69. About two miles later, it reaches U.S. Route 278, which is also the end of the SR-69 concurrency. Heading north out of town, the route crosses SR-157, the University of North Alabama Highway. After descending down into Morgan County, the route yet again crosses Interstate 65. Heading north, the route passes through Hartselle before serving Decatur. Just south of the Tennessee River, the route enters its next concurrency with U.S. 72 Alt.

Crossing the Tennessee River into Limestone County, the route has a Directional-T Interchange and loses U.S. 72 Alt, heading north out of the junction. Passing by Calhoun Community College, the route heads its way to Athens (AL). At this point, it has a Parclo Interchange with U.S. Route 72. A few miles later, it returns to a concurrent state with Interstate 65, which it follows all the way to one mile above the state line with Tennessee.

Major intersectionsEdit

BaldwinSpanish Fort0.0000.000   US 90 (SR 16) / US 98 (SR 42 / Spanish Fort Boulevard)Southern terminus
0.2090.336  SR 225 northSouthern terminus of SR 225
Daphne3.6345.848    SR 181 south / CR 27 north (Jimmy Faulkner Drive) to I-10Northern terminus of SR 181
9.81915.802  SR 59 south – Loxley, Gulf ShoresSouthern end of SR 59 overlap
Bay Minette20.44632.905   SR 59 north (McMeans Avenue) to I-65 / D'Olive StreetNorthern end of SR 59 overlap; To I-65 signed northbound only
21.13534.013  SR 287 north (Hand Avenue) / Hand AvenueSouthern terminus of SR 287
EscambiaAtmore41.21266.324   SR 21 (Main Street) to I-65 – Pensacola, Monroeville, Coastal Alabama Community CollegeCities signed southbound only
Flomaton55.46089.254   US 29 south / SR 113 south (Sidney E. Manning Boulevard) – PensacolaSouthern end of US 29 / SR 113 overlap
56.60191.090   SR 113 north to I-65Northern end of SR 113 overlap
Brewton69.320111.560    US 29 north (SR 15 north / Mildred Street) / SR 41 (South Nicholas Avenue) to I-65 – Andalusia, ReptonNorthern end of US 29 overlap; southern terminus of SR 15; destinations signed southbound only
Conecuh93.004149.675   US 84 west (SR 12 west) to I-65Southern end of US 84 / SR 12 overlap
Evergreen95.670153.966   SR 83 north (Cooper Street) to I-65 – MidwaySouthern terminus of SR 83
101.861163.929  US 84 east (SR 12 east) – AndalusiaNorthern end of US 84 / SR 12 overlap
ButlerMcKenzie115.515185.903  SR 55 south / South Garland Road – Andalusia, McKenzieSouthern end of SR 55 overlap
119.5[2]192.3   SR 65 north / Kokomo RoadNorthern end of SR 55 overlap
Georgiana122.910197.804  SR 106 – Brantley, Georgiana
134.128215.858  SR 185 north (Aztec Road) – GreenvilleSouthern end of SR 185 Truck overlap; southern terminus of SR 185; southern terminus of SR 185 Truck
    SR 10 / SR 185 Truck north (Luverne Highway / East Commerce Street) to I-10 – Luverne, Greenville
Northern end of SR 185 Truck overlap
Lowndes151.213243.354   SR 185 south / CR 4Northern terminus of SR 185
157.593253.621  SR 97 north – HaynevilleSouthern end of SR 97 overlap
Davenport159.063255.987   SR 97 south to US 331Northern end of SR 97 overlap
MontgomeryHope Hull174.046280.100  I-65 – Montgomery, MobileI-65 exit 164
Montgomery177.262285.276    US 80 (SR 8 / Selma Highway) / SR 21 south to I-65 – SelmaSouthern end of SR 21 overlap; interchange on US 80
178.494287.258       SR 21 north (West South Boulevard) to I-65 / I-85 / US 82 / US 231 / US 331 / Mobile Highway – Union SpringsNorthern end of SR 21 overlap; destination signed southbound only
county line
Bridge over the Alabama River
No major junctions
AutaugaPrattville188.271302.993    US 82 (SR 6) to SR 14 / I-65
196.581316.366  I-65 – Montgomery, BirminghamI-65 exit 186
ChiltonMountain Creek208.882336.163  SR 143 south – MarburyNorthern terminus of SR 143
213.408343.447  SR 22 east – Alexander CitySouthern end of SR 22 overlap
Clanton217.466349.978  I-65 – Birmingham, MontgomeryI-65 exit 208
221.710356.808   SR 22 west / SR 145 north (Fourth Avenue North) – SelmaNorthern end of SR 22 overlap; southern terminus of SR 145
Jemison232.684374.469   SR 191 south / CR 42 (Church Street) / Church Street – MaplesvilleNorthern terminus of SR 191
234.790377.858  SR 155 north – MontevalloSouthern terminus of SR 155
ShelbyCalera242.795390.741  SR 25 south / 18th AvenueSouthern end of SR 25 overlap
242.955390.998   SR 25 north (Main Street) to I-65Northern end of SR 25 overlap
245.674395.374  I-65 – Montgomery, BirminghamI-65 exit 231
Calera246.670396.977   SR 70 east / CR 22 west – ColumbianaSouthern terminus of SR 70
Alabaster252.935407.059  I-65 – Birmingham, MontgomeryI-65 exit 238
253.652408.213   SR 119 south (Montevallo Road) / CR 11 north (Simmsville Road) – Montevallo, Brierfield State ParkSouthern end of SR 119 overlap
Pelham260.473419.191   SR 119 north (Cahaba Valley Road) to I-65 / Commerce ParkwayNorthern end of SR 119 overlap
261.493420.832    SR 261 south (Helena Road) / CR 17 north (Valleydale Road) to I-65 – HelenaNorthern terminus of SR 261
JeffersonHoover263.732424.436  SR 150 west (John Hawkins Parkway) / Lorna RoadEastern terminus of SR 150
264.277425.313  I-459 – Atlanta, Gadsden, TuscaloosaI-459 exit 13
HooverVestavia Hills line266.187428.386  I-65 / Lorna Road / Columbiana Road – Montgomery, BirminghamI-65 exit 252
Homewood270.698435.646  SR 149
270[3]430  Brookwood Medical Center DriveInterchange
270.698435.646  SR 149 (Shades Creek Parkway / Lakeshore Drive)Interchange
271.7[4]437.3Southern end of Red Mountain Expressway
272.076437.864  US 280 east (SR 38 East) / Rosedale Drive – Sylacauga, HomewoodSouthern end of US 280 overlap; interchange; destinations signed southbound only; western terminus of unsigned SR 38
Birmingham272.5[5]438.521st Avenue SouthSouthbound exit and northbound entrance
272.9[6]439.2Highland Avenue / Arlington AvenueNorthbound exit and southbound entrance
273.6[7]440.3University Boulevard
274.162441.221  To US 78 (SR 4 / 3rd-4th Avenue South)
274.234441.337  US 11 (SR 7 / First Avenue North)Northbound exit only
274.4[8]441.62nd Avenue NorthNorthbound exit and southbound entrance; entrance ramp from 3rd Avenue North
275.407443.225    I-20 / I-59 to I-65 – Atlanta, Gadsden, TuscaloosaNo access from US 31 south to I-20 / 59 or from I-20 east / I-59 north to US 31 north; northern end of US 280 overlap; western terminus of US 280; I-20 / 59 exit 126A
275.1[9]442.7Northern end of Red Mountain Expressway
276.762445.405   SR 378 west (Finley Boulevard) to I-65 / Finley BoulevardEastern terminus of SR 378
  I-22 west – MemphisFuture interchange (under construction); future eastern terminus of I-22
279.5449.8  I-65 – Huntsville, BirminghamI-65 southbound exit 265B
Blount299.707482.332  SR 160 east – HaydenWestern terminus of SR 160
  I-65 south / Lester Doss Road / White Oak Trail – BirminghamSouthern end of I-65 overlap; I-65 exit 284; mileposts switch from SR 3 to I-65
  I-65 north – Cullman, DecaturNorthern end of I-65 overlap; I-65 exit 287; mileposts switch from I-65 to SR 3
CullmanHanceville317.460510.902    SR 91 (Arkadelphia Road) to I-65 / US 278 (SR 74) – Holly Pond, ColonyDestinations signed southbound only
Cullman325.356523.610   SR 69 south (Cherokee Avenue SW) to I-65 / King Edward Street NWSouthern end of SR 69 overlap
326.569525.562   US 278 (SR 74) / SR 69 north (Third Street SW)Northern end of SR 69 overlap
328.918529.342    SR 157 to I-65 / US 278 north (SR 74) – Gadsden, Moulton
Morgan337.073542.466  I-65 – Nashville, BirminghamI-65 exit 318; Nashville signed southbound only
Hartselle346.313557.337   SR 36 (Main Street West) to I-65 – Danville
Decatur354.958571.250   SR 67 (Point Mallard Parkway / Beltline Road SW) to I-65 – Priceville, Tuscumbia
   US 72 Alt. west (Corridor V / Wilson Street NE) / SR 20 / Wilson Street NE
Southern end of US 72 Alt. / SR 20 overlap; no access from US 31 north to US 72 Alt./SR 20 west
county line
358.731577.322Captain William J. Hudson "Steamboat Bill" Memorial Bridges over Tennessee River
     US 72 Alt. east (Corridor V) / SR 20 east to I-65 / I-565
Northern end of US 72 Alt. / SR 20 overlap
Athens371.264597.491   US 72 (SR 2) – Athens, HuntsvilleInterchange
372.793599.952  SR 251 north (Pryor Street) / Pryor Street – ArdmoreSouthern terminus of SR 251
373.647601.327   SR 99 north (East Elm Street) to SR 127 / Sportsplex LoopSouthern terminus of SR 99
  I-65 south – BirminghamSouthern end of I-65 overlap; northern end of SR 3 overlap; northern terminus of SR 3; I-65 exit 354; mileposts switch from SR 3 to I-65
360.918580.841ElkmontI-65 exit 361
364.826587.131  SR 53 south – ArdmoreNorthern terminus of SR 53; I-65 exit 365
366.229589.388   I-65 north / US 31 north – NashvilleContinuation into Tennessee
1.000 mi = 1.609 km; 1.000 km = 0.621 mi


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