U.S. Route 29 in South Carolina

U.S. Route 29 (US 29) is a north–south United States highway that runs for 109.1 miles (175.6 km) from the Savannah River to Blacksburg, entirely in Upstate South Carolina.

U.S. Route 29 marker

U.S. Route 29
Route of US 29 in South Carolina highlighted in red
Route information
Maintained by SCDOT
Length109.1 mi[1] (175.6 km)
Major junctions
South end US 29 / SR 8 at the Georgia line near Hartwell, GA
North end US 29 at the North Carolina line near Grover, NC
CountiesAnderson, Greenville, Spartanburg, Cherokee
Highway system
SC 28SC 30

Route descriptionEdit

US 29 enters South Carolina crossing the Savannah River, downstream from Hartwell Dam, and proceeds to travel along the forested eastern edge of Lake Hartwell for 3.2 miles (5.1 km), where it meets up with Old US 29. From there, it goes on a northeasterly direction towards Anderson. 3 miles (4.8 km) outside Anderson, US 29 Business takes a left turn and more direct route into the downtown area; while mainline US 29 continues east, with most signage signed "TRUCK" instead of the more usual "BY-PASS" (state maps confirm it is the mainline route).[2] At SC 81, US 29 takes a left turn and follows briefly before taking a right turn at Shockley Ferry Road. Crossing SC 28 Business, the road widens to an undivided four-lane, continuing until reaching River Street (US 76/US 178); where US 29 makes another right turn and then soon left again. US 29 meets back with US 29 Business at Williamston Road. Continuing northeast for another 8 miles (13 km), US 29 makes a junction with US 29/SC 20 Connector to Williamston; the highway briefly divides at junction. With another 6.5 miles (10.5 km), US 29 merges with northbound Interstate 85 (exit 34, northbound exit and southbound entrance only).

After traveling in concurrency with Interstate 85, US 29 switches onto Interstate 185 at exit 42 (exit 14B on Interstate 185). After 2.5 miles (4.0 km), Interstate 185 ends at Henrydale Avenue; US 29 continues along Mills Avenue, followed by Church Street (staying straight), through downtown Greenville. At North Street and Academy Street (US 123), travelers can connect to Interstate 385; between the two streets is the Bon Secours Wellness Arena. Church street eventually ends onto Wade Hampton Boulevard, which is a divided six-lane highway from Greenville to Greer.

Once after passing through Greer, the highway shrinks to a divided four-lane highway, continuing through Lyman and Wellford. After passing Interstate 85 (exit 66) and Interstate 26 (exit 21), US 29 enters Spartanburg and through one of the busiest commercial areas in the city, centered at Westgate Mall (the highway is widen to six-lanes throughout the commercial area). As US 29 enters the city center area, it takes a left onto Saint John Street, then proceeds to parallel Main Street before rejoining 1.5 miles (2.4 km) later. At Pine Street (US 176/SC 9), travelers can connect to Interstate 585. US 29 continues in a northeasterly direction into Cowpens, where the highway reduces down to a two-lane through town.

After passing through Cowpens, the road widens again to an undivided 4-lane for 2.7 miles (4.3 km) before entering into Gaffney. Continuing as a two-lane road through both Gaffney and Blacksburg, it crosses one last time with Interstate 85 (exit 106), before entering North Carolina.

From its inception until 1959, US 29 was the main thoroughfare in Upstate South Carolina and connecting regionally with Atlanta and Charlotte. Though still important in the upstate, it now takes a traveler on a more indirect route compared to Interstate 85.


First sign of US 29, after the NC state line, near Blacksburg

Established in 1927 as an original U.S. Route, it generally traversed the same today as it then when created; from Georgia to North Carolina, via Anderson, Greenville, Greer, Spartanburg, Gaffney, and Blacksburg. The entire route was in concurrency with SC 8.

In 1928, SC 8 was rerouted completely off US 29. In 1935, US 29 was rerouted onto new alignment between Anderson and Greenville. The old routing using Greenville Road onto Old Anderson Road, then east on Pendleton Road and finally Main Street was renumbered as SC 81. The new routing turns at Williamson Road, to Williamston, Pelzer, and Piedmont, before entering Greenville on Grove Road, Allen Street, Pendleton Street, and finally Main Street. The new alignment replaced SC 248 and part of SC 20.

In 1938, US 29 was rerouted from Greenville northward. From using Main Street, to Buncombe Road, to Rutherford Avenue, and to Camp Road into Greer. The new routing follows Main Street to Stone Avenue and finally to Wade Hampton Boulevard.

Between 1943-1946, US 29 was moved onto new road bypassing Greer and Duncan. In 1947, US 29 was given a southeastern bypass of Anderson, creating a business loop through downtown. In 1948, US 29 was rerouted onto Grove Road and Augusta Road, leaving Allen Street and Green Street, in Greenville.[3]

By 1955, US 29 was rerouted onto a new Super two highway north of Spartanburg, Cowpens, Gaffney, and Blacksburg; the old route became US 29 Alternate.[4] In 1957 or 1958, US 29 was rerouted onto a new Super two highway, bypassing Williamston, Pelzer, and Piedmont; the old alignment later became connector route for US 29/SC 20. It then went onto new road connecting with US 25 and SC 291. In concurrency with SC 291, it reaches Wade Hampton Boulevard; leaving behind a business loop through downtown Greenville. In 1959, Interstate 85 was assigned from Spartanburg to North Carolina, in concurrency with US 29, once the highway was expanded into four-lanes.

In 1962, US 29 was removed from Interstate 85 from Spartanburg to North Carolina and was moved back on its original routing, replacing US 29 Alternate.[5] In the Greenville area, US 29 was rerouted back through Greenville along Interstate 185, which connected directly via Church Street, to Wade Hampton Boulevard. US 29 Business in Greenville was decommissioned as a result. The old alignment to SC 291 became part of Interstate 85.[6][7] Finally, at the South Carolina-Georgia state line, US 29 was rerouted south from SC 412 to avoid the new Lake Hartwell. Most of old US 29 is underwater, with parts of it above surface used for marina purposes.[8][9]

In 1974, US 29 was rerouted onto Saint Johns Avenue from Main Street, in Spartanburg.[10]

Junction listEdit

Anderson0.00.0   US 29 south / SR 8 west – HartwellContinuation from Georgia over the Savannah River near Hartwell Dam
Holland Store2.74.3  SC 412 east (Rainey Road) – Starr, Iva
4.06.4  SC 187To Sadlers Creek State Park
  US 29 Bus. north (Sayre Street) – Anderson
13.922.4  SC 81 south (Murray Avenue) – StarrSouth end of SC 81 overlap
14.022.5  SC 28 (Pearman Dairy Road)
14.122.7  SC 81 north (Murray Avenue) – AndersonNorth end of SC 81 overlap
  SC 81 Bus. (Main Street)
Anderson16.125.9   US 76 west (East River Street) / US 178 west – Athens, AtlantaWest end of US 76/178 overlap
16.726.9   US 76 east (East River Street) / US 178 east – BeltonEast end of US 76/178 overlap
  US 29 Bus. south (Williamston Road) – Anderson
To Anderson University
   US 29 Conn. north (Anderson Highway) / SC 20 Conn. east – Williamston, Pelzer
30.549.1  SC 8 (Easley Highway) – West Pelzer, Pelzer, Williamston
32.552.334  I-85 south – AtlantaSouth end of I-85 overlap; southbound left exit, northbound entrance
33.654.135  SC 86 – Piedmont, Easley
Easley37.460.239River Road – Easley
38.662.140  SC 153 – Easley
Greenville40.565.242   I-85 north / I-185 south – Spartanburg, ColumbiaNorth end of I-85 and south end of I-185 overlap, exit 14B.
41.566.815  US 25 (White Horse Road) – Travelers RestNorthbound exit and southbound entrance
Greenville42.167.816   US 25 / SC 20 (Piedmont Highway) – PiedmontSouthbound exit and northbound entrance
43.169.4Henrydale AvenueNorth end of I-185 overlap
44.171.0  SC 20 (Augusta Street) – Asheville, Greenwood
Downtown GreenvilleInterchange with Camperdown Way
McBee AvenueNorthbound exit only
45.573.2  To I-385 / North Street
45.973.9  US 123 (Academy Street) – Asheville, Greenwood
46.374.5  To US 276 / Column Street – Laurens, Asheville
48.377.7  SC 291 (Pleasantburg Drive)
Greer55.789.6   SC 101 north / SC 290 west (Buncombe Street)North end of SC 101 and west end of SC 290 overlap
55.990.0   SC 101 south / SC 290 east (Poinsett Street)South end of SC 101 and east end of SC 290 overlap
57.792.9  SC 14 (Main Street) – Landrum
Spartanburg58.393.8  SC 357 (Arlington Road)
60.397.0  SC 80 west (J. Verne Smith Parkway)
Lyman63.3101.9    SC 129 east / SC 292 east (Charlotte Highway) to SC 358East end of SC 292 overlap
63.4102.0  SC 292 west (Groce Road)West end of SC 292 overlap
Wellford66.5107.0  I-85 – Greenville, CharlotteI-85 exit 66.
Spartanburg71.0114.3  I-26 – Columbia, AshevilleI-26 exits 21A-B.
71.4114.9  SC 295 (Blackstock Road)
   US 29 Conn. south (John B. White Sr. Boulevard) to SC 296 – Spartanburg
74.8120.4  SC 296 (Daniel Morgan Avenue)
75.0120.7   US 221 / SC 56 (Church Street) – Inman, Chesnee, Roebuck
75.7121.8   US 176 / SC 9 (Pine Street) – Inman, Pacolet
Cowpens84.2135.5  SC 110 north (Battleground Road) – Chesnee
CherokeeGaffney93.8151.0  SC 105 (Hyatt Street / Corry Street)To Limestone College
95.1153.0   SC 11 / SC 18 (Frederick Street) – Union
95.3153.4   SC 150 (Limestone Street) to SC 18 – Pacolet, Shelby, Gastonia, Charlotte
99.3159.8  SC 329 (Victory Trail Road)
Blacksburg104.4168.0  SC 5 (York Road) – Shelby, York
108.8175.1  I-85 – Charlotte, SpartanburgI-85 exit 106.
109.1175.6  US 29 north – GroverContinuation into North Carolina
1.000 mi = 1.609 km; 1.000 km = 0.621 mi

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