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U.S. Route 259 (US 259, US-259) is a north–south spur of U.S. Route 59 that runs for 250 miles (400 km) through rural areas of northeast Texas and southeast Oklahoma.

U.S. Route 259 marker

U.S. Route 259
US 259 highlighted in red
Route information
Auxiliary route of US 59
Length250 mi (400 km)
Existed1963[citation needed]–present
Major junctions
South end
Future I-69 / US 59 / BL I-69 / Bus. US 59 near Nacogdoches, TX
North end US-59 / US-270 near Heavener, OK
StatesTexas, Oklahoma
Highway system

The highway's southern terminus is near Nacogdoches, Texas at an interchange with its parent route, US 59. Its northern terminus is in the Ouachita Mountains, about 15 miles (24 km) south of Heavener, Oklahoma where it reunites with U.S. 59. For most of its length, US 259 lies 30–50 miles (48–80 km) to the west of its parent route.

Route descriptionEdit

First reassurance marker heading north from the southern terminus in Nacogdoches, TX


US 259 begins at an intersection with its parent, US 59 (Future Interstate 69), on the north side of Nacogdoches, Texas. The highway continues due north, passing through Mount Enterprise, and around the eastern side of Henderson and Kilgore. In Kilgore, Texas, US 259 is known as the Charles K. Devall Memorial Highway, as named by the Texas legislature.[1] It then has a concurrency with Interstate 20 of about 6 miles (9.7 km), then continues north around the eastern edge of Longview along Eastman Rd. The highway continues due north, crossing Interstate 30 in northern Morris County, and crossing into Oklahoma in northwest Bowie County.


Northern terminus of US 259 in the Ouachita Mountains

After crossing into McCurtain County, Oklahoma, US-259 immediately meets up with State Highway 87, and continues north through Harris. Maps indicate that US-259 and SH-87 overlap to Idabel, but officially, this is not the case,[2] and ODOT signage does not reflect a concurrency.

US-259 bypasses Idabel to the south and east, concurring with U.S. Highway 70 Bypass. East of Idabel, the bypass route ends, and US-259 begins a concurrency with mainline US-70 and SH-3. The three highways continue north to Broken Bow, where US-70 splits to the east toward DeQueen, Arkansas and SH-3 splits to the west, bound for Antlers. US-259 continues north alone, taking a winding path through the Ouachita Mountains of southeastern Oklahoma. The route passes Broken Bow Lake on its west side, with State Highway 259A serving as an access loop to the lake and Beavers Bend State Resort. Near the lake, US-259 crosses through the Ouachita National Forest for the first time. Near Smithville, the highway serves as the western terminus of State Highway 4.

North of the SH-4 junction, US-259 crosses into Le Flore County. The U.S. route then serves as the eastern terminus of SH-144 near Octavia. US-259 reenters the National Forest north of this junction, and intersects SH-63 at Big Cedar. It then has a junction with SH-1, the Talimena Drive. The highway reunites with US-59 about 10 miles (16 km) south of Heavener, reaching its northern terminus.


In Texas, the highway was designated in 1962 and assumed the entire route of a previous iteration and alignment of State Highway 26, which was then cancelled.[3] (The SH 26 designation has since returned, on another roadway elsewhere in the state.)

Prior to 1985, US 259 between Kilgore and Longview followed the current route of Texas State Highway 31. It entered Longview from the southwest at the intersection of South St. and Spur 63. It then followed Spur 63 to US 80. US 259 then ran concurrently with US 80 to Eastman Road. At the US 80/Eastman Rd. intersection, the previous alignment of US 259 turned left to go north on Eastman. In 1985, US 259 was rerouted to its current route along Interstate 20 to Eastman Rd., then left to go north, along the eastern edge of Longview, bypassing the central business district.

Major intersectionsEdit

     Future I-69 / US 59 / BL I-69 / Bus. US 59 south (North Street) – Nacogdoches, Garrison, Lufkin, SFASU
Interchange; southern terminus; road continues as Bus. I-69/Bus. US 59 south (North Street); U.S. 59 is the future Interstate 69
  FM 698 west
  SH 204 west – Cushing
  FM 2664 east
  FM 1087 east
RuskMount Enterprise  US 84 (Rusk Street) – Rusk, Timpson
  SH 315 east – Carthage
  FM 2496 west
  FM 1798 – Laneville, MindenInterchange
  FM 3310 north
Henderson  US 79 south – Jacksonville, PalestineSouth end of US 79 overlap
   Bus. US 79 south / FM 840 south – Downtown Henderson
    US 79 north / SH 43 north / SH 64 west – Tyler, Tatum, CarthageNorth end of US 79 overlap
  FM 782 east – Oak Hill
   SH 322 north – Airport
  Loop 571 south (Landon Alford Loop)
  FM 2276 southSouth end of FM 2276 overlap
  FM 2276 northNorth end of FM 2276 overlap
Jacobs  FM 850 – Overton
Pitner Junction  FM 918 west – Overton
  Bus. US 259 north – Kilgore
Interchange; northbound exit and southbound entrance
  FM 1249Interchange
Gregg  FM 2204Interchange
Kilgore  FM 349Interchange
  Bus. US 259 south (SH 31 west) – Kilgore
Interchange; southbound exit and northbound entrance; south end of SH 31 overlap
Kinsloe   SH 31 east to I-20 westNorth end of SH 31 overlap
  I-20 west – DallasSouth end of I-20 overlap; southbound exit and northbound entrance; I-20 exit 589; southbound entrance via Post Oak Road
591   FM 2087 (Old Kilgore Highway) / FM 2011Exit numbers follow I-20
Longview595     SH 322 south (Estes Parkway) / Loop 281 north – Downtown, Longview, AmtrakSplit into exits 595A (south) and 595B (north) northbound
   I-20 east / SH 149 south (Eastman Road south) – CarthageNorth end of I-20 overlap; south end of SH 149 overlap; I-20 exit 596
   SH 149 ends / US 80 (Marshall Avenue) – Downtown Longview, Hallsville, Marshall, Kilgore CollegeNorthern terminus of SH 149; north end of SH 149 overlap
  FM 2208 (Alpine Street) – Harleton
  Loop 281Interchange
  FM 1844 west
  FM 2751
  Spur 502 south – Downtown Longview
  FM 449 east
  FM 1650 west – Gilmer
UpshurDiana  FM 3245 east
  SH 154 – Gilmer, Marshall
Old Diana  FM 726 – Lake O' The Pines, Jefferson
Ore City   FM 450 south / FM 1649 west – Harleton, Lake O' The Pines
  SH 155 – Linden, GilmerInterchange
  FM 557 west – Pittsburg
No major junctions
MorrisLone Star  FM 729 east (Lone Star Boulevard) – Jefferson, Lake O' The Pines North Shore
  FM 250 north (Industrial Boulevard) – Hughes Springs
  FM 3421 east
Jenkins   FM 144 north / FM 997 south – Cason
Daingerfield   SH 11 east / SH 49 east (W.M. Watson Boulevard) – Hughes Springs, Linden, Jefferson, Daingerfield State ParkSouth end of SH 11 / SH 49 overlap
  SH 11 west (W.M. Watson Boulevard) – PittsburgNorth end of SH 11 overlap
  FM 130 east
  SH 49 west – Mount PleasantNorth end of SH 49 overlap
Rocky Branch  SH 338 north – Naples
  Spur 284 west
Omaha  US 67 – Mount Pleasant, Texarkana, Omaha Business District
  FM 144 south
  SH 77 east
  I-30 – Dallas, TexarkanaI-30 exit 178
  FM 71 west – Talco
Bowie  FM 561 east – Dalby Springs
   FM 44 east / FM 992 eastSouth end of FM 44 overlap
   FM 44 west to FM 992North end of FM 44 overlap
  FM 1701 west
De Kalb  US 82 – De Kalb, ClarksvilleInterchange
Spring Hill   FM 114 west / FM 2735 south – Clarksville
OklahomaRed River151.1
Bridge over the Red River
McCurtain1.93.1  SH-87 east – Foreman Ark.Western terminus of SH-87
   US-70 Byp. west (SW Lincoln Road)
Southern end of US-70 Byp. concurrency; serves McCurtain County Regional Airport
22.636.4  SH-3 east (Washington Street) – HaworthSouthern end of SH-3 concurrency
24.539.4  US-70 Byp. ends / US-70 west – Southeastern Oklahoma State University McCurtain Campus, HugoEastern terminus of US-70 Byp.; northern end of US-70 Byp. concurrency; southern end of US-70 concurrency
Broken Bow32.352.0   US-70 east (Martin Luther King Drive) / SH-3 west (Veterans Way) – Antlers, DeQueen Ark.Northern end of US-70 / SH-3 concurrency
38.662.1  SH-259A east – Beavers BendClockwise terminus of SH-259A
40.665.3  SH-259A – Beavers Bend, Broken Bow DamCounterclockwise terminus of SH-259A
Smithville70.7113.8  SH-4 east – SmithvilleWestern terminus of SH-4
Le Flore75.4121.3  SH-144 west – OctaviaEastern terminus of SH-144
Big Cedar89.6144.2  SH-63 – Talihina, Mena
94.6152.2  SH-1 (Talimena Scenic Drive)Interchange via connector road
98.9159.2   US-59 / US-270Northern terminus
1.000 mi = 1.609 km; 1.000 km = 0.621 mi

Special routesEdit

Kilgore business routeEdit



Business US Highway 259
LocationKilgore, Texas

US-259 has one Business route in Texas. In 2006, a new bypass was completed around the eastern side of Kilgore. The bypass had been proposed as early as 1965, but funding did not become available until the late 1990s. The new bypass was designated as US-259, while the previous route through the Kilgore business district was designated as a business route. The new business route was approved by the AASHO in September 2006.

Idabel bypassEdit



U.S. Route 259 Bypass
LocationIdabel, Oklahoma

Formerly, US-259 continued into downtown Idabel, and the southeast portion of the Idabel bypass was double-designated as US-70 Bypass and US-259 Bypass. On 6 March 2000, the bypass route was decommissioned, and mainline US-259 was moved onto the bypass.[5] However, as of 2008, some bypass signage is still in place, including signage indicating the former terminus of Bypass US-259 at US-70/SH-3.


SH-259A, an Oklahoma state highway, is a 10-mile (16 km) loop to Broken Bow Lake and Beavers Bend Resort Park north of Broken Bow, Oklahoma. It lies partially in the Ouachita National Forest and is occasionally signed as a U.S. highway.

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