U.S. Route 129 in Tennessee

U.S. Route 129 (US 129) is a north–south United States highway that runs for 52.8 miles (85.0 km) in East Tennessee, from the North Carolina state line, near Tapoco, to Knoxville. In Tennessee, the highway is completely overlapped by unsigned State Route 115 (SR 115).

U.S. Route 129 marker

U.S. Route 129
Route information
Maintained by TDOT
Length52.8 mi[1] (85.0 km)
Major junctions
South end US 129 at the NC line at Deals Gap, NC
  US 411 in Maryville

US 321 in Maryville
I-140 / SR 162 in Alcoa

US 11 / US 70 in Knoxville
North end I-40 in Knoxville
CountiesBlount, Monroe, Knox
Highway system
SR 114SR 115SR 116
SR 128US 129SR 129

Route descriptionEdit

Blount and Monroe CountiesEdit

US 129 enters Tennessee and Blount County through Deals Gap, where it twists and turns along a mountain pass running along the Little Tennessee River. This section is known as the Tail of the Dragon (or simply "The Dragon"), popular to driving enthusiasts (of motorcycles and sports cars). It then starts running along the banks of the river, where it has an intersection with the Foothills Parkway before passing by Chilhowee Dam and going through Tallassee. US 129 then briefly enters Monroe County and has an intersection with SR 72. It then re enters Blount County and enters farmland, where it has an intersection with SR 336 in Lanier. US 129 continues northeast through farmland to Clover Hill, where it becomes concurrent with US 411/SR 33. Prior to this point, US 129 is a narrow 2-lane highway known as Calderwood Highway. The then continue north to enter the city of Maryville as a 4-lane undivided highway, where it passes through a business district, where they have an intersection with SR 335 (William Blount Drive), and suburban areas before coming to an interchange, where US 129 separates from US 411/SR 33 (Broadway Avenue) and bypasses downtown on the west side. US 129 becomes an expressway known as US 129 Bypass as it passes by Foothills Mall and has intersections with US 321/SR 73 (Lamar Alexander Boulevard), Foothills Mall Drive (SR 446), and Foch Street before crossing into the neighboring town of Alcoa. US 129 then has an intersection with Louisville Road, which provides access to the neighboring town of Louisville, before crossing some railroad tracks at-grade before coming to an interchange with SR 35 (N Hall Road). US 129 becomes known as Airport Highway and has an interchange with SR 335 (Hunt Road) and 2 interchanges for McGhee Tyson Airport. It then becomes known as Alcoa Highway, a name that it keeps all the way to its northern end. It becomes an at 4-lane divided highway and passes through a major business district before having an intersection with Airbase Road (SR 429) and coming to an interchange with Pellissippi Parkway (I-140, Exit 11 A/B). The stretch between the airport and I-140 is often considered dangerous and even deadly due to the amount of traffic and crashes on the highway. US 129 continues through suburban areas before having an intersection with SR 333 (Topside Road) before leaving Alcoa. It then crosses a bridge over the Little River to enter Knox County.

Knox CountyEdit

US 129 immediately enters the city limits of Knoxville and has an interchange with SR 168 (Governor John Sevier Highway). It then passes through a business district before going through wooded areas, where it becomes a freeway and has an interchange with Cherokee Trail, where it widens to 6-lanes, and an interchange for Cherokee Farm. US 129 then crosses the Tennessee River via the J. E. Buck Karnes Bridge and runs along the western edge of The University of Tennessee campus and downtown, while having interchanges with US 11/US 70/SR 1/SR 158 (Neyland Drive) and Kingston Pike. US 129 then continues north through industrial areas before coming to an end at an interchange with I-40 (Exit 386 A).

Counties traversed (east to west) in TennesseeEdit

State Route 115 (US 129) traverses the counties shown in the table below.

Counties traversed by State Route 115
County miles kilometers
Blount 20.5 33.0
Monroe 1.1 1.7
Blount 20.4 32.8
Knox 6.7 10.7

State Route 115Edit


State Route 115
Route information
Maintained by TDOT
Length52.8 mi (85.0 km)
CountiesBlount, Monroe, Knox
Highway system
  SR 114SR 116  

State Route 115 (SR 115) is the hidden state route that overlaps the entire route of US 129 in the state of Tennessee. The highway is 52.8 miles (85 km) long and is located entirely in East Tennessee. It begins in Blount County and ends in Knox County. It is completely unsigned, with the exception of mileposts, with the highway being solely signed as US 129.


US 129's bridge over the Tennessee River in Knoxville is named after James Ernest Karnes (a.k.a. J. E. "Buck" Karnes), who was a Sergeant in the United States Army who received the Medal of Honor for his actions near Estrees, France on October 8, 1918 during World War I. He was born in Arlington and grew up in Knoxville.

Junction listEdit

Blount0.00.0  US 129 south – RobbinsvilleContinuation from North Carolina through Deals Gap; south end of SR 115 overlap
Chilhowee14.323.0Foothills ParkwaySouthern terminus of Foothills Parkway
MonroePumpkin Center21.434.4  SR 72 west – VonoreEastern terminus of SR 72
BlountLanier25.040.2  SR 336 (Six Mile Road / Brick Mill Road) – Greenback
Clover Hill32.051.5  US 411 south (SR 33 south) – VonoreSouth end of US 411/SR 33 overlap
Maryville33.854.4  SR 335 north (William Blount Drive)Southern terminus of SR 335
36.358.4  US 411 north (Broadway Avenue/SR 33 north)North end of US 411/SR 33 concurrency; Interchange; northbound to northbound, southbound to southbound, and southbound US 411/SR 33 to northbound US 129; access from southbound US 129 to northbound US 411/SR 33 via U-turn at Cooper Street
36.859.2Mall RoadSouthbound right-in/right-out ramps
37.259.9  US 321 (Lamar Alexander Parkway/SR 73) – Friendsville, Lenoir City, Walland, TownsendProvides access to the Great Smoky Mountains National Park
37.860.8  SR 446 west (Foothills Mall Drive)SR 446 is unsigned; eastern terminus of SR 446
Alcoa38.261.5West Bessemer Street / Middlesettlements RoadDiverging diamond interchange
40.064.4  SR 35 north (Hall Road) – AlcoaInterchange; southern terminus of SR 35; northbound to northbound, southbound to southbound, and northbound US 129 to southbound SR 35
Access from northbound SR 35 to southbound US 129 via U-turn on northbound US 129 at milepost 40.2
40.765.5  SR 335 (Hunt Road)Interchange
There is an additional ramp from East Hunt Road westbound to northbound US 129
41.266.3  McGhee Tyson Airport Passenger TerminalInterchange
43.169.4  SR 429 south (Airbase Road)SR 429 is unsigned; northern terminus of SR 429
43.469.8   I-140 west (Pellissippi Parkway) / SR 162 east (Pellissppi Parkway) – Oak Ridge, Eagleton VillageCloverleaf interchange; I-140 exits 11A-B
45.873.7  SR 333 south (Topside Road) – LouisvilleNorthern terminus of SR 333
KnoxKnoxville47.075.6  SR 168 east (Governor John Sevier Highway)Western terminus of SR 168; Hybrid interchange: northbound US 129 grade-separated from SR 168 with exit and entrance ramps; southbound US 129 uses a continuous green T-intersection with a left exit and a left entrance - these ramps cross each other at-grade, controlled by a stop sign on the entrance ramp
50.881.8Cherokee Trail – UT Medical CenterTrumpet interchange; south end of freeway
UT Cherokee Farm campus site / UTMCNorthbound, one right-in/right-out driveway, one entrance ramp; southbound, two right-in/right-out driveways
51.582.9J. E. "Buck" Karnes Bridge over the Tennessee River
51.883.4   US 11 / US 70 (Neyland Drive/SR 1/SR 158) – University of TennesseeInterchange; no access to southbound US 129
51.983.5Kingston PikeInterchange
52.885.0  I-40 – Nashville, Chattanooga, Lexington, Asheville
  SR 62 (Western Avenue / 17th Street)
Northern terminus of US 129 and SR 115; Semi-directional T interchange; I-40 exit 386B; Ramp to SR 62 splits from ramp to I-40 east, providing access via Dale Avenue NW; access from   SR 169 (Middlebrook Pike) / University Avenue to southbound US 129 is provided by a ramp at the intersection of Ailor Avenue and North 21st Street, which merges with the Exit 386B ramp from I-40 west
1.000 mi = 1.609 km; 1.000 km = 0.621 mi

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