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U.S. Route 11 in Pennsylvania

U.S. Route 11 (US 11) roughly parallels Interstate 81 (I-81) in the U.S. state of Pennsylvania. It serves Harrisburg and Scranton. Between those two cities, US 11 follows the Susquehanna River, while I-81 follows a shorter route over the mountains.

U.S. Route 11 marker

U.S. Route 11
Route highlighted in red
Route information
Maintained by PennDOT
Length248.4 mi (399.8 km)
Major junctions
South end US 11 at Maryland border in Antrim Township
  I-81 south of Greencastle
US 30 in Chambersburg

I-76 / Penna Turnpike / I-81 in Carlisle
US 15 in Camp Hill
I-81 in East Pennsboro Township
US 22 / US 322 near Duncannon
US 15 in Shamokin Dam
I-80 near Berwick
I-81 in Moosic

I-81 / I-476 / Penna Turnpike NE Extension / US 6 in Clarks Summit
North end US 11 at New York border in Great Bend Township
CountiesFranklin, Cumberland, Perry, Dauphin, Juniata, Snyder, Union, Northumberland, Montour, Columbia, Luzerne, Lackawanna, Wyoming, Susquehanna
Highway system
PA 10PA 11

Route descriptionEdit

US 11 enters Pennsylvania parallel to Interstate 81 south of Greencastle in Antrim Township, Franklin County. The two routes head to the northeast, running parallel to each other as they pass through Chambersburg, where they intersect U.S. Route 30, Shippensburg, and Carlisle. Northeast of Carlisle in Middlesex Township, US 11 interchanges with the Pennsylvania Turnpike (Interstate 76), and then I-81 roughly 1 mile later. The stretch of US 11 between I-76 and I-81 is known as the "Miracle Mile" since it contains plenty of traveler services including restaurants, gas stations, lodging, truck stops, shops, etc. There is no direct interchange between the two interstates, so travelers must use this stretch, or travel through downtown Carlisle, to get from one interstate to the other.

US 11, now to the south of I-81, continues eastward into the western suburbs of Harrisburg as the Carlisle Pike. This road serves a major arterial route in eastern Cumberland County, Pennsylvania. Rumored to have originally been a Native American trail, it is now a significant center of urban sprawl serving much of Harrisburg's western suburbs. The road passes through Middlesex Township, the small unincorporated village of New Kingstown, Silver Spring and Hampden Township. Upon reaching Pennsylvania Route 581, US 11 splits from Carlisle Pike and runs concurrent with PA 581.

U.S. Route 11 north of Bloomsburg

In Camp Hill, a close suburb of Harrisburg, US 11 stops paralleling I-81 and joins U.S. Route 15 northward through the western suburbs of Harrisburg, crossing I-81 in this area. As the road exits the Harrisburg area, US 11 and US 15 begin to parallel the Susquehanna River as both head northward. They intersect U.S. Route 22/U.S. Route 322 near Duncannon and U.S. Route 522 in Selinsgrove. The two routes remain overlapped to an intersection in Shamokin Dam, where US 15 branches off to the northwest, following the path of the Susquehanna's West Branch northward. US 11, in contrast, continues to parallel the main Susquehanna River, passing through municipalities such as Danville, Bloomsburg, and Berwick (where it crosses Interstate 80) prior to reaching Wilkes-Barre.

U.S. Route 11 north of Shickshinny

North of Wilkes-Barre in Pittston, US 11 breaks from the Susquehanna and begins to run parallel to I-81 once more. From Wilkes-Barre, the highway goes through nearby Scranton, becoming the North Scranton Expressway north of downtown. The North Scranton Expressway (officially the Congressman Joseph M. McDade Expressway) is a freeway north of downtown Scranton, Pennsylvania, United States, carries U.S. Route 11 and Pennsylvania Route 307 north from the Mulberry Street Bridge over the Lackawanna River near downtown north to Interstate 81, U.S. Route 6 and U.S. Route 6 Business. It carried unsigned State Route 3027 until State Routes 0011 and 0307 were moved off their former routes to match the signed US 11 and PA 307 alignments (forming State Route 6011 and State Route 6307). SR 3027 still runs along Mulberry Street from Jefferson Avenue, where US 11 and PA 307 turn southwest, southeast to Harrison Avenue (SR 6011).

Eastbound US 6/southbound US 11 approaching the interchange with I-81 and the northern terminus of I-476 in Clarks Summit

In the northwest corner of Scranton (referred to as the Notch), US 11 intersects U.S. Route 6. US 6 joins US 11 westward to Factoryville, where US 11 separates from US 6 and resumes its northerly trek through Susquehanna County to the New York-Pennsylvania border in Great Bend Township. This stretch was originally built from 1918-1922 on the old route of the Delaware, Lackawanna and Western Railroad, and is called the "Lackawanna Trail".[1]


The Harrison Avenue Bridge, part of old US 11

Prior to 1941, US 11 followed Walnut Bottom Road between Shippensburg and Carlisle while PA 33 ran along the Governor Rittner Highway.[2] In 1941, US 11 and PA 33 swapped alignments, with US 11 moving to Governor Rittner Highway and PA 33 moving to Walnut Bottom Road.[3][4]

Prior to 1989, US 11 followed an older alignment bypassing Downtown Scranton. From Pittston Avenue, US 11 turned right onto Moosic Street and climbed the hill. At Crown Avenue, it turned left, joining PA 307 which was coming from the opposite direction on Moosic Street. Together they crossed the Harrison Avenue bridge and continued about a mile to Myrtle Street. PA 307 and US 11 turned right on Myrtle for one block then left on Wheeler Avenue. After entering the Borough of Dunmore and crossing the old Erie Railroad tracks, the pair turned left on Cherry Street then bore right onto South Blakely Street, entering Downtown Dunmore. They turned left onto Green Ridge Street, re-entering Scranton in the Green Ridge section of the city. At the end of Green Ridge Street at North Scranton Junior High School, they turned right onto Main Avenue entering the Providence section of the city. After a half mile, they turned left onto West Market Street. PA 307 left US 11 by turning left onto Keyser Avenue. US 11 continued on West Market Street to Saltry Place, where it turned left for one block then right onto the North Scranton Expressway. From it, it joined its current alignment heading towards Clarks Summit. At one time, this final intersection with the expressway was a 4-way traffic circle servicing Oak Street, Market Street, the Scranton Carbondale Highway (US 6), and Northern Boulevard (today's US 11).

Major intersectionsEdit

FranklinAntrim Township0.00.0  US 11 south (Pennsylvania Avenue) – HagerstownContinues into Maryland
   PA 163 west (Mason Dixon Road) to I-81Eastern terminus of PA 163
2.23.5  I-81 – Hagerstown, ChambersburgI-81 exit 3
Greencastle5.08.0   PA 16 (Baltimore Street) to I-81 – Mercersburg, Waynesboro
Guilford Township10.516.9   PA 914 east (Swamp Fox Road) to I-81Western terminus of PA 914
Chambersburg15.424.8   PA 316 south (Wayne Street) to I-81Northern terminus of PA 316
16.025.7  US 30 east (Queen Street) – Gettysburg
  US 30 west (Lincoln Way) – McConnellsburg
Greene Township19.731.7    
   PA 433 north / PA 997 Truck north (Sunset Pike) – Pleasant Hall, Orrstown, Roxbury
Southern terminus of PA 433, south end of PA 997 Truck concurrency
21.033.8   PA 997 (Cumberland Highway) to I-81 – Letterkenny Army Depot, ScotlandNorth end of PA 997 Truck concurrency
CumberlandShippensburg26.743.0  PA 533 west (Morris Street) – OrrstownSouth end of PA 533 concurrency
   PA 696 south (Fayette Street) to I-81South end of PA 696 concurrency
26.943.3  PA 696 north (Earl Street)North end of PA 696 concurrency
Shippensburg Township28.045.1   PA 174 east (Walnut Bottom Road) to I-81Western terminus of PA 174
Southampton Township29.347.2  PA 533 east – NewvilleNorth end of PA 533 concurrency
Penn Township37.460.2   PA 233 (Centerville Road) to I-81 – Newville, Centerville
Carlisle44.972.3   PA 465 (Allen Road) to I-81 – Plainfield, Mooredale
46.875.3  PA 641 west (Orange Street)South end of PA 641 concurrency
47.476.3  PA 74 north (College Street)South end of PA 74 concurrency
47.876.9  PA 34 south (Hanover Street)South end of PA 34 concurrency
47.876.9   PA 74 south / PA 641 east (High Street)North end of PA 74/641 concurrencies
48.277.6  PA 34 north (Spring Road)North end of PA 34 concurrency
Middlesex Township50.781.6   I-76 / Penna Turnpike – Philadelphia, PittsburghI-76 / Penna Turnpike exit 226 (Carlisle)
51.883.4  I-81 – Chambersburg, HarrisburgI-81 exit 52
Silver Spring Township57.492.4   PA 114 (New Willow Mill Road) to I-81 – Wertzville, Mechanicsburg
Hampden Township60.296.9South end of freeway
  PA 581 west (Capital Beltway) – CarlisleSouth end of PA 581 concurrency, PA 581 exit 3
Camp Hill61.799.3  PA 641 – MechanicsburgPA 581 exit 4, southbound exit and northbound entrance
62.7100.9  US 15 south – Gettysburg
   PA 581 to I-83 east – Harrisburg, York
South end of US 15 concurrency, north end of PA 581 concurrency, PA 581 exit 5
North end of freeway
  PA 641 west (Trindle Road)Eastern terminus of PA 641
Camp HillEast Pennsboro Township lineM. Harvey Taylor BridgeHarrisburgNorthbound exit and southbound entrance
East Pennsboro Township67.5108.6  PA 944 west (State Street)Eastern terminus of PA 944
70.1112.8  I-81 (Capital Beltway) – Carlisle, HarrisburgI-81 exit 65
PerryMarysville72.7117.0  PA 850 west (Valley Street)Eastern terminus of PA 850
Penn TownshipSouth end of freeway
Penn TownshipDuncannon line80.2129.1  PA 274 west – Duncannon
DauphinReed Township83.0133.6   US 22 / US 322 – Harrisburg, Lewistown
PerryWatts TownshipNorth end of freeway
Buffalo Township93.8151.0  PA 34 south (Hunters Valley Road) – NewportNorthern terminus of PA 34
Liverpool95.6153.9  PA 17 west – MillerstownEastern terminus of PA 17
Liverpool Township99.9160.8  PA 104 north – MiddleburgSouthern terminus of PA 104
No major junctions
SnyderPenn TownshipSouth end of freeway
113.0181.9  PA 35 south – SelinsgroveNorthern terminus of PA 35
Monroe Township115.6186.0  US 522 south – SelinsgroveNorthern terminus of US 522
North end of freeway
Shamokin Dam118.6190.9  PA 61 south – SunburyInterchange, northern terminus of PA 61
119.1191.7  US 15 north – LewisburgNorthern end of US 15 concurrency
No major junctions
NorthumberlandNorthumberland121.5195.5  PA 147 north (Duke Street) – MiltonSouth end of PA 147 concurrency
121.7195.9  PA 147 south (King Street) – SunburyNorth end of PA 147 concurrency
MontourDanville132.8213.7   PA 54 (Continental Boulevard) to I-80 – Washingtonville, Riverside
ColumbiaMontour Township140.5226.1  PA 42 south (Rupert Drive) – CatawissaInterchange, South end of PA 42 concurrency
Bloomsburg140.8226.6   PA 42 north to I-80 – Millville, BuckhornInterchange, North end of PA 42 concurrency
142.4229.2    PA 487 north (Lightstreet Road) to I-80 – LightstreetSouth end of PA 487 concurrency, access to Geisinger - Bloomsburg Hospital
142.8229.8  PA 487 south (Poplar Street) – CatawissaNorth end of PA 487 concurrency
South Centre Township148.5239.0  I-80 – Milton, HazletonI-80 exit 241
Berwick153.9247.7  PA 93 north (Orange Street) – OrangevilleSouth end of PA 93 concurrency
154.6248.8  PA 93 south (Market Street)North end of PA 93 concurrency
LuzerneSalem TownshipShickshinny line164.6264.9  PA 239 south – Mocanaqua, WapwallopenSouth end of PA 239 concurrency
Shickshinny165.2265.9  PA 239 north (Union Street)North end of PA 239 concurrency
Plymouth Township173.9279.9  PA 29 north (Mill Street) – SilkworthSouth end of PA 29 concurrency
175.3282.1   PA 29 south (Cross Valley Expressway) to I-81 – Nanticoke, Wilkes-BarreInterchange, north end of PA 29 concurrency
Kingston182.4293.5  PA 309 north – Luzerne, DallasPA 309 exit 5
West Pittston188.6303.5  PA 92 north (Tunkhannock Avenue) – TunkhannockSouthern terminus of PA 92
Pittston TownshipDupont line191.7308.5  To I-81 – Hughestown, DupontInterchange
LackawannaMoosic   PA 502 east to I-81Western terminus of PA 502
194.1312.4  I-81 – Wilkes-Barre, ScrantonI-81 exit 180
Scranton199.1320.4    Central Scranton Expressway to I-81 / I-84 / I-380
  PA 307 south (Moosic Street)
South end of PA 307 concurrency
South end of freeway
200.0321.97th Avenue / Providence Road
200.7323.0Main Avenue
202.1325.2  PA 307 north (Keyser Avenue)North end of PA 307 concurrency
    US 6 Bus. east to US 6 / I-81 – Dickson City
West end of US 6 Bus.
North end of freeway
South Abington Township205.2330.2     I-81 / US 6 east / I-476 south / Penna Turnpike NE Extension south – Binghamton, Wilkes-BarreI-81 exit 194, I-476 / Penna Turnpike NE Extension exit 131 (Clarks Summit), northern terminus of I-476, south end of US 6 concurrency
206.5332.3  PA 407 north (South Abington Road) – Clarks GreenSouthern terminus of PA 407
Dalton210.4338.6  PA 632 east – DaltonInterchange, western terminus of PA 632
La Plume Township212.2341.5  PA 438 eastWestern terminus of PA 438
WyomingFactoryvilleClinton Township line214.2344.7  PA 107 east – Lake Sheridan, FleetvilleWestern terminus of PA 107
Clinton Township214.8345.7  US 6 west (Grand Army of the Republic Highway) – TunkhannockNorthbound exit and southbound entrance, north end of US 6 concurrency
Nicholson219.6353.4  PA 92 (State Street)Interchange
SusquehannaHop Bottom225.6363.1  PA 167 north (Main Street) – Brooklyn, MontroseSouthern terminus of PA 167
Harford Township229.6369.5   PA 106 east to I-81 – CarbondaleWestern terminus of PA 106
229.9370.0  PA 547 eastWestern terminus of PA 547
New Milford Township238.3383.5  PA 706 west (Wyalusing Street) – MontroseEastern terminus of PA 706
New Milford239.4385.3    PA 492 east (Jackson Street) to I-81 / PA 848 south (Harford Road) – Harford, GibsonWestern terminus of PA 492, Northern terminus of PA 848
Great Bend Township246.1396.1   To I-81 / PA 171 (State Street) – SusquehannaTo Northern terminus of PA 171
248.4399.8  US 11 north (Kirkwood Avenue) – BinghamtonContinues into New York
1.000 mi = 1.609 km; 1.000 km = 0.621 mi

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