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U.S. Route 383 was a north–south United States highway. US 383 was created in 1942, and deleted in 1982. After deletion, a portion of the highway became K-383.

U.S. Route 383 marker

U.S. Route 383
US 383 highlighted in red
Route information
Auxiliary route of US 83
Major junctions
South end US-40 / US-83 in Oakley, KS
North end US 30 / US 183 in Elm Creek, NE
Highway system


Route descriptionEdit


US-383 began in Oakley, heading north along present-day US-83. A short distance north of Oakley, the route intersected I-70. In Halford, US-83/US-383 crossed over US-24. From here, the road turned northeast, where US-383 split from US-83 near Leoville. US-383 continued to the northeast until meeting US-36. At this point, the route turned east for a concurrency with US-36, crossing US-283 in Norton. Past Norton, US-383 split from US-36 and resumed northeast, reaching an intersection with US-183 near Woodruff a short distance south of the Nebraska border.[1][2]


In Nebraska, US-383 continued north on the present alignment of US-183, reaching an intersection with US-136 in Alma.[1][2] Prior to 1964, US-383 continued north past Alma, intersecting US-6/US-34 in Holdrege before ending at US-30 in Elm Creek.[1][3]


When the route was first commissioned in 1942, it ran from Oakley, Kansas to Elm Creek, Nebraska, a distance of 175 miles (282 km). In 1964, the north end of US 383 was truncated to Alma, Nebraska.

Major intersectionsEdit

KansasLoganOakley00.0   US-40 / US-83 south – Sharon Springs, WakeeneySouthern end of US 83 overlap
Thomas2032  US-24 – Colby, Hoxie
Sheridan4471   US-83 north / K-23 south – Hoxie, OberlinNorthern end of US 83 overlap
DecaturDresden5385  K-123 south
Norton90140  US-36 west – OberlinSouthern end of US 36 overlap
Norton96154  US-283 – Hill City, Arapahoe Neb.
99159  K-67 north – Norton Correctional Facility
Calvert102164  US-36 east – PhillipsburgNorthern end of US 36 overlap
107172  K-60 south
Phillips138222  US-183 south – PhillipsburgSouthern end of US 183 overlap
Kansas–Nebraska state line
NebraskaHarlan46.4  N-89 – Orleans
Alma711  US 136 east – FranklinSouthern end of US 136 overlap; former N-3 east; northern end of the route after 1964
914  US 136 west – OrleansNorthern end of US 136 overlap; former N-3 west
1423  Spur 2183 east – Huntley
2134    N-4 to US 6 / US 34 – Beatrice
PhelpsHoldrege3150   US 6 / US 34 east – MindenSouthern end of US 6/US 34 overlap
3251   US 6 / US 34 west – ArapahoeNorthern end of US 6/US 34 overlap
BuffaloElm Creek5182   US 183 north / US 30 (Lincoln Highway) – Kearney, Lexington, MillerOriginal northern terminus; northern end of US 183 overlap
1.000 mi = 1.609 km; 1.000 km = 0.621 mi

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