The U-Bahn Serfaus (until 2019 Dorfbahn Serfaus for "Village Railway Serfaus") is an underground air cushion funicular people mover system in the Tyrolian village of Serfaus in Austria.

U-Bahn Serfaus
Seilbahn station
Seilbahn station
LocaleSerfaus, Austria
Transit typeFunicular
Number of lines1
Number of stations4
Began operation14 December 1985 (1985-12-14)
System length1.3 km (0.81 mi)
Electrification950 V AC
System map

1.3 km
0.8 km
0.6 km
0.0 km

Overview Edit

Serfaus is a busy ski resort, and during the season has to cater for large numbers of skiers. The slopes are accessed by a cable car and a gondola lift, whose lower stations are situated at one end of the village's main street. A large car park is located at the other end of this street, and the Dorfbahn connects the two, allowing the conversion of the village into a car-free zone. Besides the two terminal stations at Seilbahn (cable car) and Parkplatz (car park), there are two intermediate stations in the village centre.[1]

The line was built in 1985 by the Freissler-Otis company. It consists of a single, 1,280 m (4,200 ft) one-track line, with a single train operating on a shuttle basis. The train comprises two cars, is suspended on an air cushion, and is moved by a funicular haulage system. The tunnel is 3.24 m (10.6 ft) wide and 3.52 m (11.5 ft) high. The train can carry 390 people, and travels at a speed of 40 km/h (25 mph).[2]

During the winter season the line operates between 7.45 and 18.45, and between 7.45 and 17.30 or 18.15 in the summer. A single journey takes 7 minutes, with the intermediate stations served only in the respective main load direction (in the morning toward Seilbahn, in the afternoon toward Parkplatz). The service is free of charge.[citation needed]

Extensive renovations were carried out from 2016 to 2019, and the new train began operating in July 2019, almost doubling its passenger capacity.[3]

Stations Edit

Schematic network plan of the U-Bahn Serfaus
Station km Notes
Parkplatz 0.0   Parking area
Kirche 0.6 Church, town's centre
Zentrum 0.8 Formerly named Raika. Bank,[a] town's centre
Seilbahn 1.3   Cable Car station

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Notes Edit

  1. ^ Named after "Raiffeisen Bank", shortened as "Raika"

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