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Tzukim (Hebrew: צוּקִים‬, lit. Cliffs), also Zuqim, is a community settlement in southern Israel. Located in the Arava, 8 km south of Tzofar, it falls under jurisdiction of the Central Arava Regional Council. In 2017 it had a population of 309.[1]

Tzukim under construction
Tzukim under construction
Tzukim is located in Southern Negev region of Israel
Coordinates: 30°29′27.23″N 35°10′0.11″E / 30.4908972°N 35.1666972°E / 30.4908972; 35.1666972Coordinates: 30°29′27.23″N 35°10′0.11″E / 30.4908972°N 35.1666972°E / 30.4908972; 35.1666972
District Southern
Council Central Arava
Founded 2001
Population (2017)[1] 309
Name meaning Cliffs


Tzukim was founded in 2001 on land vacated by the Bildad army camp, which was founded in 1983 and named after Bildad, one of the "friends" of Biblical Job. In the Negev there are also kibbutzim with the names of the two other "friends": nearby Tzofar and Elifaz in the southern Arava. Bildad also served as a transit point for new settlement in the Arabah valley.

The first settlement phase of Tzukim was supposed to begin in 2003, with fifty families.[2] The first settlers were people in their 40s from central Israel. Tzukim's economy is supposed to be based on tourism.[3] 200 guest houses are planned here as well as restaurants and spas. By 2008, twelve rooms had been built and with 70 under construction.[4]


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