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Tzukim (Hebrew: צוּקִים‬, lit. Cliffs), also Zuqim, is a community settlement in southern Israel. Located in the Arava, 8 km south of Tzofar, it falls under jurisdiction of the Central Arava Regional Council. In 2016 it had a population of 297.[1]

Tzukim under construction
Tzukim under construction
Tzukim is located in Southern Negev region of Israel
Coordinates: 30°29′27.23″N 35°10′0.11″E / 30.4908972°N 35.1666972°E / 30.4908972; 35.1666972Coordinates: 30°29′27.23″N 35°10′0.11″E / 30.4908972°N 35.1666972°E / 30.4908972; 35.1666972
District Southern
Council Central Arava
Founded 2001
Population (2016)[1] 297
Name meaning Cliffs


Tzukim was founded in 2001 on land vacated by the Bildad army camp. Bildad also served as a transit point for new settlement in the Arabah valley. The first settlement phase was supposed to begin in 2003, with fifty families.[2] The first settlers were people in their 40s from central Israel. Tzukim's economy is supposed to be based on tourism.[3] 200 guest houses are planned here as well as restaurants and spas. By 2008, twelve rooms had been built and with 70 under construction.[4]


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