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Tze Char (Chinese: 煮炒; pinyin: zhú chǎo; literally: "cook and fry"), also romanised Zi Char, is a Hokkien term used in Singapore to describe a Chinese stall that provides a wide selection of common and affordable dishes which approximated home-cooked meals. Most Tze Char stalls are commonly found in hawker centres and kopitiams located in the heartlands of Singapore. Hence, most of them are usually found in a non air-conditioned setting. Nonetheless, a handful of Tze Char stalls do have their own air-conditioned dining area too.

The wallet-friendly prices coupled with a big serving portion makes it a favourite choice for gatherings or meet-ups between family and friends among the Chinese population. Not only is the price point a source of popularity, the offerings of home-cooked style food makes it a popular choice among Singaporeans too.

Tze Char stalls tend to have a wide selection of food available. It is common to find variations of rice, noodle, vegetables, meat and seafood being offered. Through the years, there has also been an increase in the number of Tze Char chefs coming up with their own creative spin of specialty dishes.