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Lekima may refer to four tropical cyclones in the Pacific Ocean. The name was contributed by Vietnam and refers to the lucuma tree.

  • Typhoon Lekima (2001) (T0119, 23W, Labuyo) – in the 2001 season struck Taiwan and China
  • Severe Tropical Storm Lekima (2007) (T0714, 16W, Hanna) in the 2007 season brought heavy rains to Luzon and struck Vietnam
  • Typhoon Lekima (2013) (T1328, 28W) – the second strongest storm of worldwide in 2013
  • Typhoon Lekima (2019) (T1909, 10W, Hanna) – brought heavy rains and flooding to Luzon due to its enhancement of the southwest monsoon, later intensifying into the season's second super typhoon, and made landfall in China.
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