Twin Sisters of Kyoto

Twin Sisters of Kyoto (古都, Koto) is a 1963 Japanese drama film directed by Noboru Nakamura and the first adaptation of the novel The Old Capital (1962) by Nobel prize-winning Japanese writer Yasunari Kawabata.[1][2] The film was nominated for the Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film.[3]

Twin Sisters of Kyoto
Twin Sisters of Kyoto.jpg
Original Japanese poster
Directed byNoboru Nakamura
Written by
Produced byRyōtarō Kuwata
CinematographyTōichirō Narushima
Edited byHisashi Sagara
Music byToru Takemitsu
Distributed byShochiku
Release date
  • 13 January 1963 (1963-01-13) (Japan)
Running time
106 minutes[1][2]


20-year-old Chieko is the daughter of Kyoto based kimono designer Takichiro. She doubts her parents' story that they stole her as a child and raised her as their own, convinced that she is an orphan. In Kitayama, she meets a young woman looking exactly like her, Naeko, and learns that they are twin sisters, and that their natural parents died long ago after abandoning Chieko. Hideo, the son of weaver Sosuke, a business associate of Takichiro, mistakes Naeko for Chieko and pleads with her to allow him to design an exclusive obi for her. Chieko clarifies Hideo's mistaking and asks him to make obis both for her and her sister. Although Chieko's parents offer to accept Naeko as their second daughter, Naeko returns to her home village after spending one night at her twin sister's home. While Chieko plans to take over her father's business with the help of her future husband Ryusuke, Naeko considers marrying Hideo, even when she knows that for Hideo she is mainly a surrogate for Chieko.


Awards and LegacyEdit

Twin Sisters of Kyoto received the Mainichi Film Concours for Best Supporting Actor (Hiroyuki Nagato) and Best Cinematography (Tōichirō Narushima).[4]

Kawabata's novel was adapted again as Koto by Kon Ichikawa in 1980 and by Yuki Saito in 2016.

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