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Twin Angels (淫獣聖戦 ツインエンジェル, Inju Seisen Twin Angels) is the English name given to a hentai anime series about twin sisters, and a boy who will determine the fate of the world.

Twin Angels
淫獣聖戦 ツインエンジェル
(Inju Seisen Twin Angels)
GenreHorror, Erotic
Original video animation
Twin Dolls
Directed byKan Fukumoto
Licensed by
Soft Cel Pictures (expired)
Kitty Media (current)
Released July 22, 1994 August 26, 1994
Original video animation
Directed byKan Fukumoto
Licensed by
Anime 18 (expired)
Kitty Media (current)
Released May 5, 1995 September 12, 1997
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The title has been published in English under two names, Twin Dolls by Soft Cel Pictures and Twin Angels by Anime18. The series is also known as Seijyuu Den / Inju Seisen (or Seijyuu Den Twin Dolls / Inju Seisen Twin Angel). The Japanese original was published by Daiei Co., and created by Ohji Miyako. This title was one of the early popular titles in hentai that arrived in North America.



The title involves twin sisters, Amatsu Ai (天津亜衣) and Amatsu Mai (天津麻衣), who become virgin priestesses that must watch over the boy, Onimaru (鬼麿), a distant relative of theirs. It becomes his choice to make the world a hellhole of debauchery or to keep as it is. Onimaru (鬼麿) is the descendant of a line of men whose founder was betrayed by the Japanese government, and whose spirit seeks revenge by making Onimaru a sexually depraved demon king. The founder is the younger brother to the twin sisters. The three of them are the result of a union between a fisherman and an Angel (Tennyo) of the Buddhist tradition.

As in traditional Japanese folklore, the man acquired his angelic wife by stealing her angelic robes while she bathed, so that she could not return to heaven, and blackmailing her to marry him. (This is also the basis for the anime Ayashi no Ceres/Ceres: Celestial Legend). The folklore originates in ancient China, known as "Tian Xian Pei", the love legend between an angelic girl and an ordinary cowherd boy.

The two original girls were the founders of a temple and order that rein in the descendants of the betrayed boy, their younger brother.

The twin sisters of the anime, older sister Ai (with a long ponytail) and younger sister Mai (with short hair), descendants of that Angel and her two girls, fight the forces of sexual perversion, in the demonic minions of the founding son, with the help of grandmother Amatsu Genjuu (天津幻舟), and Onimaru's guardian Dekonobu (木偶の坊).


Ai Amatsu (天津亜衣)
Voiced by: Niina Kumagaya (Japanese); Heather Lee (OVA 1), Shari Marcus (OVA 2) (English)
Mai Amatsu (天津麻衣)
Voiced by: Junko Asami (Japanese); Heather Lee (OVA 1), Tuesday Knight (OVA 2) (English)
Onimaru (鬼麿)
Voiced by: Kappei Yamaguchi (Japanese); Jimmy Zoppi (OVA 1), Socko Jones (OVA 2) (English)
Dekinobu (木偶の坊)
Voiced by: Tomohiro Nishimura (Japanese); Stan Hart (English)
Genshu Amatsu (天津幻舟)
Voiced by: Iruka Nanami (Japanese); Heather Lee (OVA 1), Karen Jones (OVA 2) (English)

Episode ListEdit

Japanese English Volume
聖獣伝 ツインドールズ Seijuuden/Holy Beast Legend Twin Dolls Twin Dolls volume 1/Twin Dolls Legend of the Heavenly Beasts
聖獣伝2 ツインドールズ Seijuuden 2/Holy Beast Legend 2 Twin Dolls Twin Dolls volume 2/Twin Dolls II Return of the Heavenly Beasts
淫獣聖戦1 ツインエンジェル Obscene beast holy war 1 Twin angel Twin Angels volume 1 part 1
淫獣聖戦2 ツインエンジェル Obscene beast holy war 2 Twin angel Twin Angels volume 1 part 2
淫獣聖戦3 ツインエンジェル Obscene beast holy war 3 Twin angel Twin Angels volume 2 part 1
淫獣聖戦4 ツインエンジェル Obscene beast holy war 4 Twin angel Twin Angels volume 2 part 2
淫獣聖戦XX 魔王新生篇 Obscene beast holy war XX Newborn chapter of Beelzebub Twin Angels volume 3 part 1
淫獣聖戦XX 鬼畜都市篇 Obscene beast holy war XX Chapter of Devil City Twin Angels volume 3 part 2
淫獣聖戦XX 姉妹奈落篇 Obscene beast holy war XX Chapter of Sisters' Hell Twin Angels volume 4 part 1
淫獣聖戦XX 羽衣飛翔篇 Obscene beast holy war XX Chapter of Robe of Feathers Flight Twin Angels volume 4 part 2

Localization changesEdit

CPM/Anime 18 releases of Twin Angels were reported to be censored so that 20 minutes of contents were lost.[1] Although the 'underage' Onimaro was cited as possible reason, Twin Dolls released by Softcel Pictures already listed Onimaro was of legal age of 18, and any sex and nudity scenes involving Onimaro were not censored in Twin Dolls's release by Softcel Pictures. However, both Ai and Mai were under 18 in all 3 animated series.[2]



  • Injuu Seisen DNA Inkaitensei no maki (淫獣聖戦DNA 上・淫界転生の巻)[3]
  • Publisher: Kill Time Communication (Nijigen EX novels)
  • ISBN 4-86032-159-6 C0293
  • Injuu Seisen DNA Kichikuinen no maki (淫獣聖戦DNA 下・鬼畜淫炎の巻)[4]


  • Injuu Seisen ~In no Sho~ Secret File (淫獣聖戦〜陰の書〜シークレットファイル)
  • Injuu Seisen Anthology Comics (淫獣聖戦アンソロジーコミックス)[5]

Appearances in other mediaEdit

Scenes from later episodes of Twin Angels appeared in the movie Demonlover to illustrate older style 2D adult animation.[6]


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