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Twilight is a fictional character from the DC Comics series Supergirl. She first appeared in Supergirl # 15, 1997.

Twilight (Supergirl character).jpg
Twilight as the new Angel of Fire from Supergirl # 74
Publication information
PublisherDC Comics
First appearanceSupergirl (vol. 3) #15 (November 1997)
Created byPeter David (writer)
Leonard Kirk (artist)
In-story information
Alter egoMolly
SpeciesNew God
Place of originEarth,
formerly Apokolips
Notable aliasesEarth-Born Angel of Fire
AbilitiesImmortality, healing, shadow projection, telekinesis, flame wings, and flame vision


A girl named Molly and her twin Jane were born on Apokolips and meant to become members of the Female Furies. The girls fled from Apokolips, and they found a new home on Earth (specifically Britain in the Middle Ages).

Immortal, and gifted with the power to resurrect the dead, Molly grew up in the times of the Black Death and used her healing powers to help the populace. However, Jane apparently had no abilities, and died from the Plague, but Molly had overused her powers, and could not bring her back. Cursing The Presence for this, Molly became the being now known as Twilight, who wandered the Earth for centuries hoping for revenge.

When she encountered the Earth Angel Supergirl, she decided to get revenge on The Presence by destroying one of his creations. Twilight learned how to tap into the darkness of her own soul, and project blasts of inky shadows, an ability she had no problem using to attack Supergirl.

But then Twilight learned that the Demon Queen Lilith had her sister Jane (who was very much alive), and Lilith used Jane as bait to lure Twilight into her services. When the Matrix/Angel aspect of Linda Danvers was separated from her, Lilith captured the Angelic Matrix, and used Twilight as a "bodyguard" for it. When Linda came to retrieve her other half, she had to fight Twilight, but gained her as an ally when Linda rescued Jane from Lilith. Lilith fatally injured Twilight, so Linda had Matrix merge with Twilight, and make her the new Angel of Fire, since Twilight deserved a happy ending. Twilight in turn used her healing abilities to restore Linda's powers to the levels she had when she and Matrix had first merged into Supergirl. Twilight's whereabouts are unknown.

New EarthEdit

Twilight's status after the events of the Death of the New Gods is still unknown. Her existence in the post-Infinite Crisis continuity has yet to be determined as the Matrix Supergirl may or may not have been wiped from reality.

Powers and abilitiesEdit

Twilight is an immortal who has the power to resurrect the recently dead for a limited amount of time. She also has the power to heal virtually any injury. She can also project shadowy energies which drain power from her victims. Even gods of darkness have been depicted as afraid of her darkness-based powers. Since bonding with Matrix, she has gained telekinesis, flame wings, flame vision, and the ability to teleport.