The Twello train accident was a railway accident on 22 December 1900 at 21:00 in front of the Twello railway station, Twello.[1] The express train from Amsterdam (Sneltrein 238; pulled by an NS 1600) collided head-to-head with a regional train (Stoptrein 927; pulled by an NS 1600) from Almelo to Apeldoorn. Normally these trains pass each other at Bathmen, but due to a delay of the express train, the crossing was changed to Twello. The crash happened because the person who takes care of the railroad switch failed to set a switch, allowing two trains on the same track. The express train then collided with the stationary regional train.[2][3][4][5] Two men from Deventer died. Five passengers were seriously injured and two conductors sustained minor injuries. Two station officials were sentenced in January 1901 to six weeks' imprisonment.[6]

Twello train accident
Twello railway station in 1900 (before the accident)
Date22 December 1900
LocationTwello railway station, Twello
Coordinates52°14′17″N 6°6′0″E / 52.23806°N 6.10000°E / 52.23806; 6.10000
Incident typeHead-to-head collision
CauseWrong set railroad switch
Injured7 (5 seriously, 2 minor)

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