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Tuzla (Russian: Тузлинская коса, Коса Тузла, Ukrainian: Коса Тузла) was a long narrow peninsula or sandy spit in the eastern part of the Strait of Kerch which extended from Cape Tuzla to the north-west in the direction of the city Kerch for almost 11 km. In 1925 the spit was cut by a storm, forming Tuzla Island. The open-water channel between Tuzla Island and the Russian mainland where the spit had previously existed reached over a km in width.

Tuzla Spit on a pre-1925 map of the Kuban region

Tuzla Spit consisted of the Tuzla Island (45°16′07″N 36°32′58″E / 45.26861°N 36.54944°E / 45.26861; 36.54944) and two small islands on the Russian side (45°13′33″N 36°35′34″E / 45.22583°N 36.59278°E / 45.22583; 36.59278 and 45°12′49″N 36°36′26″E / 45.21361°N 36.60722°E / 45.21361; 36.60722), and a narrow sand bar connecting them all. The two small islands were re-connected to each other by the 2003 construction by Russia of the 4.1 km long Tuzla dam (45°14′39″N 36°35′31″E / 45.24417°N 36.59194°E / 45.24417; 36.59194).

The Tuzla Spit formed the southern shore of the Taman Bay; the northern shore is the Chushka Spit.

The remnants of the Tuzla Spit were utilised in the building of the Crimean Bridge.

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