Tuvalu A-Division

Tuvalu A-Division or The National Provident Fund Championship League (NPF) is the top football division in Tuvalu.[1] Football in Tuvalu is played at club and national team level. The Tuvalu national football team draws from players in the Tuvalu A-Division; the national team competes in the Pacific Games and South Pacific Games. The national team is controlled by the Tuvalu National Football Association (TNFA).

Tuvalu A-Division
Number of teams8
Domestic cup(s)NBT Cup
Independence Cup
Christmas Cup
Tuvalu Games
Current championsTuvalu national football team
Most championshipsNauti FC (11)
2019 Tuvalu A-Division

8 out of the nine islands in Tuvalu are represented in the competition. Niulakita is the only island that has no football club. Some clubs have two teams competing. The competition takes place at the Tuvalu Sports Ground in Funafuti, this is the only soccer field in Tuvalu. Because of this fact all of the clubs are located at the head island but still represent their own eight islands.

The Tuvalu A-division has no relegation rule. The B-Division is the competition for the B teams of each club. The same applies for the C-Division. The competition was founded in 2001.

Taganoa CupEdit

Within this Tournament is another tournament; the Taganoa Cup. It was a gift of Nauti FC from Auckland New Zealand and started in 2006. The winner defend in every game it is playing the Cup, until they lose it, where the winning team on their turn have to defend it, and this goes on until the end of the NPF League Tournament. The team then holding the Cup at that moment, won't earn a prize, but is carrier of this prestigious title, and will defend it the next year.

Tuvalu B-DivisionEdit

Tuvalu B-Division is the second-highest division of football in Tuvalu.[1] The whole competition also takes place on Tuvalu Sports Ground on Funafuti atoll, because this is the only football field in Tuvalu. The competition exists only for B teams. The difference is that games are played with 2 halves of 30 minutes.

Tuvalu A-Division – Clubs (2014)Edit

Nauti won eleven times

Nauti were the champions in 2014.[2]

Club Island
Lakena United A Nanumea
Manu Laeva A Nukulaelae
Ha'apai United A Nanumanga
Nauti A Funafuti
Tamanuku A Nukufetau
Tofaga A Vaitupu
Nui A Nui
Niutao A Niutao

Previous winners A-DivisionEdit