Turu Island (두루섬) is a large island in the Taedong River in Pyongyang, North Korea, separated by a shallow channel from the smaller Ssuk Island to its east. Since 1983 both islands have been accessible by road via an off-ramp in the middle of the Chungsong Bridge. The island was the site of the General Sherman incident, the destruction of an armed U.S. Merchant Marine side-wheel steamer in 1866.[1]

View southwards from Mangyong Hill overlooking greenhouses on Turu Island with buildings including the twin-towered Koryo Hotel visible on the southern bank


  1. ^ Korea Today - Issues 316-327 - Page 484 1983 They armed the General Sherman with a British trading company Meadows & Co. in Tianjin, China, and for ... The local authorities in Pyongyang advised the intruders to go back explaining that trade with foreigners was strictly prohibited by the state law.... The ship reached the vicinity of Turu Island near Mangyongdae."

Coordinates: 38°59′31″N 125°41′17″E / 38.992°N 125.688°E / 38.992; 125.688