Turtle Island (Matsu)

The Turtle Island[1] (traditional Chinese: 龜島; simplified Chinese: 龟岛; pinyin: Guī Dǎo; Foochow Romanized: Gŭi-dō̤) is an island in Beigan Township, Lienchiang County, Taiwan.

Turtle Island
Native name:
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Turtle Island is located in Taiwan
Turtle Island
Turtle Island
LocationOff the coast of Qinbi (Chinbi) Village on Beigan Island, Beigan, Lienchiang, Taiwan
Coordinates26°13′35.9″N 119°58′57.8″E / 26.226639°N 119.982722°E / 26.226639; 119.982722Coordinates: 26°13′35.9″N 119°58′57.8″E / 26.226639°N 119.982722°E / 26.226639; 119.982722
ArchipelagoMatsu Islands
Total islands1


The island composes of granite rock which rises above sea water level. Its cracked surface makes it look like a gigantic turtle resting in the sea.[2]


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