Turnstyle (band)

Turnstyle are an indie rock band from Perth, in Western Australia. They are known for their use of cheap Casio keyboards, jazz instruments and lo-fi recording techniques.

Turnstyle photographed in 1998
Turnstyle photographed in 1998
Background information
OriginPerth, Western Australia,
Years active1995–2002, 2010–present
LabelsIgloo, Shock, Spunk!, Valve Records
Associated actsThe Community Chest
  • Adem K
  • Paul Fanning
  • Dean Davies
  • Todd Griffiths


Turnstyle are an Australian indie-rock band formed in 1995 by Adem Kerimofski (aka Adem K) and Paul Fanning. Fanning is related to actor Jackie Coogan, Uncle Fester from The Addams Family. The other members being Todd Griffiths and Dean Davies. They broke up in 2002 and reunited in 2010. By 1997 their second release took them from obscurity to the band of choice on line-ups and supports in mere months. In 1998, to support their EP "Seasides", they embarked on their first Australian tour and featured on ABC Television's 'Recovery'. A change in drummer reinvigorating the band, writing 30 songs in 6 months. They recorded their debut album Turnstyle Country in 1998/99 as a self-funded, unsigned band, eventually signing to Spunk! Records after being turned down by Sony for being too weird. The first single "Spray Water On The Stereo" gained monumental airplay and TV coverage, Reaching 16 on the ARIA alternative charts. The band toured throughout the year, joining Trans Am on tour and playing the Glenworth Valley Weekender. Over the next two years, shows included a tour with Guided By Voices and supporting their heroes Yo La Tengo. In 1999 their song, 'Spray Water on the Stereo' was featured on the hottest 100 as number 94.

Spent musically, in the face of a changing industry and personalities, the band managed one more album, Turnstyle Corporation in 2001 shortly before announcing their breakup. Two sold-out shows heralded what became an 8-year hiatus. The band reunited in 2010, then again in 2013 as a permanent reunion. They released the album Time Equals Function in 2015, mixed and mastered in London by Andy Ramsay of Stereolab. In 2018 Turnstyle released Happy Factories, a crisp record that eschewed pedestrian themes for more contemplative subject matter. The album features vocals by Pavement's Bob Nastanovich on one song.

Turnstyle are featured in the Western Australian Museum Boola Bardip for their innovative creative process and represented by a replica of their late 90s stage set up featuring 3 keyboards attached to an ironing board.

Turnstyle's keyboard setup as featured in the Western Australian Museum

The band continues to play live shows in Australia.



  • Turnstyle Country – Spunk! (1999)
  • Turnstyle Corporation – Spunk! (22 October 2001)
  • Time Equals Function – Igloo (4 December 2015)
  • Happy Factories – Igloo (1 December 2018)


  • Turnstyle (cassette) – Igloo Records (September 1995)
  • Itcheekneesonchee (cassette) – Igloo Records (February 1997) – initially limited to 100 copies but followed by multiple pressings
  • Seasides – Shock Records (November 1997)
  • Sad Rambo – Igloo Records (May 2002), limited to 100 copies


  • "Spray Water on the Stereo" – Spunk! (1999) AUS No. 86
  • "Purple Crown" – Igloo Records (1999)
  • "I'm a Bus" – Igloo Records (2000)
  • "Portamento" – Spunk! (2000)
  • "World Famous in Perth" – Spunk! (2001)


  • Geek Party – Igloo Records (2000)
  • Colour Me In Vol 1 – Igloo Records (April 2013), limited to 50 copies – a collection of old demo recordings to commemorate the 2013 reunion
  • Colour Me In Vol 2 – Igloo Records (July 2014), limited to 50 copies – a further collection of demo and outtake recordings
  • Colour Me In Vol 3 – Igloo Records (April 2020), digital only – a collection of demo and outtake recordings post 2013 reunion
  • KEY NOTE SPEAKER – Valve Records (March 2021), vinyl - conceived to compliment the band's inclusion in the Western Australian Museum


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