Turn-based MMORPG

A turn-based MMORPG is a type of massively multiplayer online role-playing game that utilizes turn-based game flow, meaning that game actions are partitioned into well-defined and visible parts, called turns. A player of a turn-based game is allowed a period of analysis before committing to a game action, ensuring a separation between the game flow and the thinking process. Many turn-based MMORPGs are text-based, but there are a few games which depict their environments with fully animated graphics, such as Atlantica Online.

Text-based and browser gamesEdit

Many multiplayer browser games give the player a set number of turns which are replenished at set increments of time or through in-game items. Early BBS door games were turn-based, and browser games that use server-side scripting (such as PHP, ASP, Ruby, Perl, Python or Java) operate on similar principles. Most of these games use text or a combination of text and still images to depict the game world.

Games like Kingdom of Loathing play like traditional turn-based role-playing video games, with players given a new allotment of turns each day.

Graphical gamesEdit

Relatively few fully animated, graphical multiplayer RPGs include turn-based gameplay.

  • Dofus, Dofus Arena and Wakfu are turn-based tactical role-playing games developed by Ankama Games. They feature isometric, sprite-based graphics.
  • Atlantica Online is a strategic, turn-based MMORPG launched in 2008. While the game's battles are turn-based, during each turn the player must issue commands to their characters within a time limit of 30 seconds, making combat fast-paced.[1]
  • Darkwind: War on Wheels is a 3D turn-based car combat MMORPG which, similar to Atlantica Online, provides 30-second periods in which players issue commands to their vehicles. Game turns represent one-second of simulated time, and cars are moved using physics calculations.
  • Concerto Gate uses a combat system that combines turn-based and real time, similar to Final Fantasy's "Active Time Battle" system.
  • Wonderland Online Wonderland Online is 2D MMORPG by IGG.
  • Digimon Battle Even though Digimon Battle was originally released in South Korea nearly 10 years ago, WeMade decided to launch the game in North America in March 2010.
  • Wizard101 Wizard101 is a 3D turn based MMORPG with card based gameplay.
  • Toontown Online is a 3D turn based game inspired by the cartoon world of Disney, while the official game has shut down, multiple fan-made servers have taken its place.

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