Turbomeca Arriel

The Turbomeca Arriel is a series of French turboshaft engines that first ran in 1974.[1] Delivering 650 to 1,000 hp (480 to 750 kW), over 12,000 Arriel engines have been produced from 1978 to 2018, logging more than 50 million flight hours for 40 helicopter applications. In June 2018, 1,000 Arriel 2D were in service, powering H125 and H130 single-engine helicopters, having logged one million flight hours since 2011. After endurance tests and fleet data analysis, their TBO increased by 25% to 5,000 hours and mandatory inspection rose to 15 years with no hourly limit, lowering maintenance costs.[2]

Turboméca Arriel cutaway.jpg
Cutaway of a Turbomeca Arriel
Type Turboshaft
National origin France
Manufacturer Turbomeca
First run 1974
Major applications Agusta A109
HH-65C Dolphin
Sikorsky S-76
Harbin Z-9
Harbin Z-19
Number built 10,000

The Liming WZ-8 (turboshaft) and Liming WJ-9 (turboprop) are the designations for Turbomeca Arriel production in China.


Specifications (Arriel 1)Edit

Data from FAA Type Certificate Data Sheet.[3]

General characteristics

  • Type: Turboshaft engine
  • Length: 112.2 cm (44.2 in)
  • Diameter: 60 cm (24 in)
  • Dry weight: 111 kg (245 lb)



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