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Turabaz Khan (1885–1981) جنرال طره بازخان,was a notable Afghan National Army (ANA) General. He was born in Kabul to a Pashtun family. He was educated at a Military School in Kabul. He also served an associate to the Sardar Mohammad Hashim Khan (King) Mohammed Zahir Shah’s uncle and Afghanistan’s Royal Prime Minister in 1929. He also served as Kabul’s Police Commander and Chief of Security until his retirement in 1948.

He died in 1981 in Kabul.

After DeathEdit

A district and square (Char-Rahi Turabaz Khan) (چهارراهی طره بازخان – شهرنو، کابل) in Shahr Naw section of Kabul, Afghanistan is named after General Turabaz Khan.