Tupac (name)

Tupac, Túpac or Tupaq (Quechua "a royal thing") is a defunct title used (similarly to Ras in the Ethiopian Empire) by the former Peruvian Inca Empire, and is used as a male name of Inca origin.[1]

Notable people with the name include:


Leaders and politiciansEdit

Inca chiefsEdit

  • Túpac Inca Yupanqui or Tupaq Inka Yupanki (1471–1493), tenth Sapa Inka of the Incan Empire
  • Túpac Amaru or Tupaq Amaru (died 1572), last indigenous leader of the Inca people in Peru
  • Túpac Amaru II or Tupaq Amaru II (1742–1781), descendant of the Inca chief Tupac Amaru and leader of the 1780s uprising in colonial Cusco, Peru
  • Túpac Huallpa or Tupaq Wallpa (d. 1533), Inca ruler


  • Túpac Katari or Tupaq Katari (c. 1750–1781), leader of a rebellion of indigenous people in Bolivia

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