Tuogu Mosque (Chinese: 拖姑清真寺; pinyin: Tuōgū Qīngzhēn Sì) is a mosque located in Taoyuan Hui Ethnic Township, Ludian County, Yunnan, China. It is a provincial level cultural heritage in Yunnan.[1]

Tuogu Mosque
LeadershipHai Benjiang (海本江)
LocationTaoyuan Hui Ethnic Township, Ludian County, Yunnan
Tuogu Mosque is located in Yunnan
Tuogu Mosque
Shown within Yunnan
Geographic coordinates27°10′41″N 103°36′48″E / 27.178034°N 103.613359°E / 27.178034; 103.613359
StyleChinese architecture
FounderMa Lincan, Ma Linchi
Date established1730

Name edit

The word Tuogu is a transliteration in Yi language, it means "a beautiful place".

History edit

Tuogu Mosque was built by the donation of Qing dynasty military officers Ma Lincan (马麟灿) and Ma Linchi (马麟炽) in 1730. It was safe and sound in the 2014 Ludian earthquake.

Architecture edit

Tuogu Mosque covers a building area of 4,000-square-metre (43,000 sq ft). The extant structure is based on the Qing dynasty building principles and retains the traditional architectural style. The extant buildings include the Main Hall, Tower of Huanxing (唤醒楼), Hall of Wujuan (无倦堂), Back Pavilion (后亭), and Zhaobi (照壁).

Main Hall edit

The Main Hall is 15-metre (49 ft) wide, 18-metre (59 ft) deep and 13-metre (43 ft) high. The hall is supported by 36 columns. Under the eaves is a plaque with Chinese characters "Happy Paradise" (快乐天堂).

Tower of Huanxing edit

The Tower of Huanxing is a Chinese tower with five stories. In the center of the eaves of the hall is a plaque, on which there are the words "Puci Wanyou" (普慈万有).

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