Tunnel No. 41

Tunnel Number 41, or the Big Hole, is a single-track railway tunnel underneath Mount Judah in the Sierra Nevada, near Norden, California.[1] It is owned by Union Pacific Railroad,[2] in service as a part of the Roseville Subdivision of the Overland Route. Daily freight trains as well as Amtrak's California Zephyr utilize the line.

Tunnel No. 41
Other name(s)The Big Hole, Summit Tunnel
LineRoseville Subdivision
LocationNorden, California
Coordinates39°18′18″N 120°19′3″W / 39.30500°N 120.31750°W / 39.30500; -120.31750Coordinates: 39°18′18″N 120°19′3″W / 39.30500°N 120.31750°W / 39.30500; -120.31750
CrossesDonner Summit
OwnerUnion Pacific Railroad
Trafficfreight, Amtrak
Length10,325 ft (3,147 m)
No. of tracks1
Track gauge4 ft 8+12 in (1,435 mm) standard gauge
Highest elevation6,887 ft (2,099 m)
Tunnel clearancedouble-stack container capable

Built by Southern Pacific to bypass the curves over Donner Pass along the First transcontinental railroad, it opened to traffic in 1925 as the third-longest rail tunnel in the United States at 10,325 feet (2 mi; 3,147 m) in length.[3][4] The new tunnel and cutoff shortened the route by 1.29 miles (2.08 km) and was 132 feet (40 m) lower in elevation than the previous bore through the summit, Tunnel No. 6.[5][4] The new and old single track routes were used in tandem as a double-tracked route until the old route was abandoned in 1993.[6] The line is capable of transporting double-stacked containers.[7]

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