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Bendahara Sri Maharaja Tun Mutahir (died 1510) was a famous Bendahara of the Malaccan Sultanate. Of Tamil Muslim ancestry, he was the seventh Bendahara, a post equivalent to a prime minister. Prior to holding the post of Bendahara, he also held the post of Temenggung. He was also an influential Tamil Muslim leader in Malacca who elected Tamil Muslims to important posts in the Malaccan government.

Tun Mutahir
7th Bendahara of the Sultanate of Malacca
In office
Preceded byTun Perpatih Putih
Succeeded byBendahara Lubok Batu Tepok Paduka Tuan

Raja Mudaliar, the Syahbandar (Chief of Port) of Malacca knew that Tun Mutahir always favoured his relatives and granted them positions in the palace, which raised resentments among the other nobles. Allegedly Raja Mendaliar began spreading rumours that Tun Mutahir was scheming to take over the throne.

The Sultan then ordered the execution of Mutahir's family with the exception of Tun Fatimah, Mutahir's daughter whom the sultan desired to marry. Upon realizing his mistake, Sultan Mahmud abdicated in favour of his son, Sultan Ahmad Shah.

According to Sejarah Melayu, Tun Mutahir was supposedly so vain that he frequently changed his clothes seven times a day in front of the mirror.


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