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Tubecon is a Finnish YouTube event, where the most popular Finnish YouTube creators meet their fans. The first Tubecon took place in August, 2014 in Hartwall Arena with over 5000 visitors.[1]

The Tubecon includes a Meet & Greet, award of the Tube Awards, avlog panel and Concerts of YouTubers. Tubecon does also take place in Sweden [2] and Germany.[3]




They also presented Hartwall Arena's Minecraft version on the main stage.


The TubeCon 2015 took place in Hartwall Arena in August 2015[4] with over 10000 people.



The Finnish TubeCon took place from 12-13 August 2016.


Tubecon in Sweden had its beginning 6 January 2016 in Stockholm with more than 4 500 visitors. They also did a tour during the autumn, which started on 9 September in Västeras and ended on 10 December in Kungsbacka. About 50 YouTube-profiles went to 8 cities in total. More than 15 000 people visited Tubecon in Sweden during 2016.


The TubeCon took place in Germany on 20 February 2016 in the Turbinenhalle Oberhausen. Special VIP and Aftershow Tickets were also sold.



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