A tuba is a musical instrument that plays notes in the bass clef.

Tuba can also refer to:

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  • Tubâ, Filipino palm wine, also found in Mexico, Guam, the Marianas, and Australia
  • Tuba (given name), also spelt Tooba, or Tuğba in Turkish
  • Ṭūbā (tree), a tree that Muslims believe grows in heaven
  • Tuba Dei, the largest medieval bell in Poland, in the tower of the Cathedral in Toruń
  • Tuba mirum, a mass liturgy
  • Tuba Records, a Scandinavian music distributor and owner of Tabu Recordings
  • Chief Tuba (c. 1810–1887), leader of the Hopi nation
  • Cumulonimbus tuba, a column of cloud that may develop into a funnel cloud
  • An alternate name for the Bidayat, an ethnic group in the Sudan and Chad
  • The singular name that the Tubular people apply to themselves
  • The Indonesian word for the plant Derris elliptica

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