Ttangkkeut or Ddangkkeut, located at Songho-ri (송호리 松湖里), Songji-myeon (송지면 松旨面), Haenam County, South Jeolla Province, South Korea, is the southernmost area of the Korean peninsula.[1] It is also called Tomal, all of which mean "the edge of the land" in Korean.[2][3]

Korean name
땅끝 / 토말
none /
Revised RomanizationDdangkkeut / Tomal
McCune–ReischauerTtangkkeut / T'omal

Ttangkkeut Village (Ttangkkeut maeul, 땅끝마을) lies in the area where Galdusan, a small mountain stands.[4]

Wando Islands, also favorite tourist zone, are located less than an hour's drive from Ttangkkeut village.[5]

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