Tsukuba Station

Tsukuba Station (つくば駅, Tsukuba-eki) is a passenger railway station in the city of Tsukuba, Ibaraki, Japan, operated by the third-sector railway operating company Metropolitan Intercity Railway Company. It is numbered "20".

Tsukuba Station

Tsukuba sta a2.jpg
Entrance A2 of Tsukuba Station in August 2006
Location2-128 Azuma, Tsukuba-shi, Ibaraki-she 305-0031
Coordinates36°4′57.64″N 140°6′40.69″E / 36.0826778°N 140.1113028°E / 36.0826778; 140.1113028Coordinates: 36°4′57.64″N 140°6′40.69″E / 36.0826778°N 140.1113028°E / 36.0826778; 140.1113028
Operated byMetropolitan Intercity Railway Company
Line(s)Tsukuba Express mark.svg Tsukuba Express
Distance58.3 km from Akihabara
Platforms1 island platform
ConnectionsBus stop
Other information
Station codeTX20
WebsiteOfficial website
Opened24 August 2005
FY201918,671 daily
Tsukuba Station is located in Ibaraki Prefecture
Tsukuba Station
Tsukuba Station
Location within Ibaraki Prefecture
Tsukuba Station is located in Japan
Tsukuba Station
Tsukuba Station
Tsukuba Station (Japan)


Tsukuba Station is the terminus of the 58.3 km Tsukuba Express line from the opposing terminus at Akihabara Station in Tokyo.

Station layoutEdit

The station consists of a single island platform situated underground.


1-2  Tsukuba Express for Moriya, Minami-Nagareyama, Kita-Senju, and Akihabara

Adjacent stationsEdit

« Service »
Tsukuba Express (20)
Moriya (15)   Rapid   Terminus
Kenkyū-gakuen (19)   Commuter Rapid   Terminus
Kenkyū-gakuen (19)   Semi Rapid   Terminus
Kenkyū-gakuen (19)   Local   Terminus


The station opened on 24 August 2005.[1]

Passenger statisticsEdit

In fiscal 2019, the station was used by an average of 18,671 passengers daily (boarding passengers only).[2]

Surrounding areaEdit

The station is located at the heart of the "science city" of Tsukuba. It is also situated near the central bus terminal.

Bus servicesEdit

Around the Tsukuba Station, there is a large bus terminal, which is named as Tsukuba Center. The details are as follows:

Tsukuba Center

Tsukuba CenterEdit

Tsukuba Center is a bus terminal near Tsukuba Station. It was established as Tsukuba Center Kotsu Hiroba (つくばセンター交通広場) [3] in 1985 because Expo '85 was held. There is now also a commercial complex named BiVi TSUKUBA.

BiVi TSUKUBAビビつくば[4] is attached to the bus terminal. There is a waiting room for the bus services and an information desk for Kanto Railway where tickets can be purchased. There is also a satellite campus of the University of Tsukuba,[5] which opened in 2015.[6] The commercial complex is operated by Daiwa Lease.

Bivi Tsukuba

Route busesEdit

Bus stop No.1Edit

Mount Tsukuba direction

Bus stop No Via Destination Company
No.1 Tsukubasan shuttle bus Tsukubasan-Jinja-iriguchi Mount Tsukuba Kanto Railway
Kantetsu Kanko bus
Kantetsu Purple bus
Kantetsu Green bus
Bus stop No.2Edit

Community bus

Bus stop No number Via Destination Company Note
No.2 Kamizato Shuttle KB Kenkyu-gakuen Station Toyosato Hospital KantoRailway
(entrust this route from Tsukuba, Ibaraki
Nambu Shuttle NB Kukizaki-Madoguchi Center Fukushi Center Runs only daytime
Yatabe shako Kukizaki-Madoguchi Center
Bus stop No.3Edit
Bus stop No number Via Destination Company
No.3 Hokubu Shuttle HB Mount Tsukuba iriguchi KantoRailway
(accept this route from Tsukuba)
Oda shuttle OB Techno Park Sakura Tsukuba Koryu Center
Bus stop No.4Edit

Routes marked * have service on weekdays only.

Bus stop No Via Destination Company
No.4 20/21A/22*/26* Takezono・Gakuen-Namiki・National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science Arakawaoki Station Kanto Railway
71 Takezono-Koko mae・Gakuen-Takezono・National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science Gakuen-Namiki Kantetsu Purple bus
C22* National Institute for Materials ScienceNational Institute of Advanced Industrial Science Gakuen-Namiki Kanto Railway
C20 National Institute for Materials ScienceNational Institute of Advanced Industrial Science・Jōsō Gakuin Sakura Newtown
30/30A/31/31A/32A* Aeon Mall Tsukuba Hitachino-Ushiku Station JR bus Kanto・KantoRailway
36* Non stop KantoRailway
CG(clockwise) Tsukuba Space CenterNational Institute for Environmental StudiesMeteorological Research Institute Tsukuba Center
CG(counterclockwise) Tsukuba Space CenterMeteorological Research InstituteNational Institute for Environmental Studies Tsukuba Center
C15/C16* Koike Matsudai
42A* Yatabe Shako Ushiku Station
C6* Kasuga 2choume Kenkyu-gakuen Station
Bus stop No.5Edit

the suburbs and Tsuchiura direction

  • Buses, which have *, service on only weekdays
Bus stop No Via Destination Company Note
No.5 10/11 Sakuramachi Tsuchiura Station Kanto Railway
Kantetsu Purple bus
10B/11B/19 Gakuen-Takezono・Kamejō Koen-mae(Tsuchiura Castle
Gakuen-Takezono Godochosya Kanto Railway Service suspended on Sundays and holidays.
11D Noda Danchi Tsuchiura Station
18 Tanakachō Tsuchiura Station higashi-guchi
18/C8 KEK Tsukuba Techno-Park Ōho
26*/36*/C6* Kasuga 1chome・GSI Architecture and Building Research Institute
22*/32A* University of Tsukuba Kasuga area University of Tsukuba Hospital
42A* Azuma 2chōme-nishi
19 University of Tsukuba Hospital Ishige Station Kantetsu Purple Bus
71 GSI Shimotsuma Station Kantetsu Purple Bus
Bus stop No.6Edit

Arrive and depart from Tsukuba Center for University of Tsukuba

Bus stop No Via Destination Company Note
No.6 10/10B/20/30/30A University of Tsukuba Tsukuba Campus Kanto Railway
Kantetsu Purple bus
C10(Clockwise route) Tsukuba Daigaku Kanto Railway
C10(Counterclockwise route) Tsukuba Daigaku Kanto Railway
midnight bus University of Tsukuba Hospital Tsukuba Daigaku Chuo bus service is 3(1day)
Bus stop No.7Edit
Bus stop No Via Destination Company Note
No.7 Shuttle Takezonokōkōmae Aeon Mall Tsuchiura JR Bus Kanto Runs on weekdays evening
Bus stop No.8Edit
Bus stop No Via destination Company
No.8 Tsukuba Science Tour bus(North route) GSI・Tsukuba Botanical Garden Tsukuba Center Kanto Railway
Tsukuba Science Tour bus(South route) Tsukuba Expo Center・National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and TechnologyTsukuba Space Center Tsukuba Center

Highway busesEdit

Bus stop Name Via Destination Company Note
No.7 Tsukuba YashioPAYashio Station)・Asakusa Station, Ueno Station Tokyo Station[7] Kanto Railway weekday schedule
YashioPA(Yashio Station) Holiday schedule
Bus stop Name Via Destination Company Note
No.8 Airport Liner "NATT'S" Non stop Narita International Airport[7] Kanto Railway
Chiba Kotsu
Narita Kūkō Kotsu
Airport Limousine Non stop Haneda Airport[7] Kanto Railway
Keihin Kyuko bus
Airport Limousine Non stop Ibaraki Airport[7] Kanto Railway
TM Liner Ishioka, Mito Station Kairaku-en[7] Kanto Railway
Kantetsu Kankō Bus
weekday schedule
Ishioka, Mito StationKita-Guchi Mito Station Minami-Guchi[7] Holiday schedule
Tokyo Disney Resort, Kokusai-Tenjijō Station Tokyo Teleport Station Kanto Railway
night bus Non stop Nagoya Station[8] Ibaraki Kotsu
Yokappe Kansainight bus Kyōto Station, Ōsaka Station, Ōsaka Namba Station, and Namba Station USJ[7] *Kintetsu Bus/1
Kanto Railway

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