Tskhenistsqali (Georgian: ცხენისწყალი, Cxenisċqali, also: Tskhenistskali)[1] is a river in northern Georgia. Its source is in the main range of the Caucasus Mountains, in the easternmost part of the Lentekhi Municipality, lower Svaneti. A tributary of the river Rioni, it is 176 km (109 mi) long, and has a drainage basin of 2,120 km2 (820 sq mi).[2] It flows through the small towns Lentekhi and Tsageri and joins the Rioni near the town of Samtredia. The main tributaries of Tskhenistskali are: Zsekho, Kheleldula, Janolula ( from the right ), Kobishuri, Leuseri, Khopuri (from the left).

Tskhenistsqali valley near Mami.JPG
Tskhenistsqali valley in Lower Svaneti
Tskhenistsqali is located in Samegrelo-Zemo Svaneti
Tskhenistsqali is located in Georgia
Native nameცხენისწყალი
Physical characteristics
 • locationCaucasus Major
 • coordinates
42°07′31″N 42°17′56″E / 42.1252°N 42.2989°E / 42.1252; 42.2989Coordinates: 42°07′31″N 42°17′56″E / 42.1252°N 42.2989°E / 42.1252; 42.2989
Length176 km (109 mi)
Basin size2,120 km2 (820 sq mi)
Basin features
ProgressionRioniBlack Sea
Tskhenistsqali river (in red) on the map of Georgia

From etymological standpoint the name is derived from the Georgian words ცხენი (Cxeni, "horse") and წყალი (Tsqali, "water"), thereby meaning "horse water" or perhaps more precisely "horse river".[citation needed]


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